Ryan F.
Offline to Online and $0 to $1m in 11 months, 15x ROAS

Ryan is an entrepreneur from USA who was selling denim clothing brick and mortar supplying to the B2B industry. He was already established in the offline world as he was already in business for approximately 7 years. He quickly pivoted online and managed to get some success and initial traction himself as he moved his customer database online.

We scaled the company from $20k/pm to doing $100k/pm consistently on very profitable margins. Most recently they we broke through the $150k/pm in Nov 2020. We’ve also started selling to the B2C market to increase the reach of the customer base. Even though B2C has a lower margin in general, the business is able to diversify its risk by doing so.

The business is now very stable and has since started selling to countries outside of the US as well including Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada (top 5 western countries).

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