Unprofitable at -$5k/pm to $100k/pm in 30 days, then $1m in 57 Days, 8 figs

Alexander is an ecommerce entrepeneur from USA who was already in business for 10 months prior to us meeting. He launched his product on kickstarter quite successfully raising about $500k in the process and launched to great fanfare. However, despite 10 months in they could not sell any product to people ‘outside the hype kickstarter community’ and sales just plummeted to doing $5k/pm but unprofitable.

In the 1st 30 days, we took them from burning cash and unprofitable at $5k/pm to $100k/pm within 30 days. In between the following months, there were supply issues where fulfilment could not catch up to sales + the rona situation just exacerbated everything. Supply couldn’t catch up with the demand.

Once there was sign of light with stock incoming to the USA – we started scaling and did over $800k/pm and over $1m in 57 days. In total we helped Alexander go from struggling, unprofitable venture to $2.6 million in sales, turning around the business and making a pre-tax millionaire.

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