we help our clients generate millions, grow their companies profitably to create generational wealth & impact their customers

If we do not improve & grow your e-commerce sales, you do not pay.

results or you don't pay. we don't want unhappy customers.

When we work with our clients for minimum 6 months, for 95% of them we make them at least a million dollars. Please see our track record below.

$3.5M in sales, 1.5 years

Target Markets: USA, Canada, Australia, NZ

Brand: Thrift Vintage Fashion

$50k/pm to $1m/month in 14 months

Target Markets: USA, Canada

Niche: Home Appliances

Brand: Prepdeck

$100k/pm to $500k/pm
then $5.4m year

Target Markets: USA

Niche: SKYN.io Skincare

$20k/pm to $200k/pm in 3 months, then to $700k/pm in next 18 months

Target Markets: USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, EU Countries

Niche: Healthcare Products

Brand: Confidential

$100k/y to $400k/y, 400% growth 1st 6 months working w us

Target Markets: USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, EU Countries

Niche: Consumable Food & Gifts

Brand: Confidential

$500k generated in 1st 4 months from email alone

Target Markets: USA

Niche: Fitness

Brand: LifeSpanFitness

August 2021 – $2,812 (Before working with them)


[We start working with them]

September 2021 – $45,482

October 2021 – $93,219

November 2021 – $213,412

December 2021 – $145,933

switched from another agency, biz grew 400% 1st 6 months with them --- Charlene L.

Helped us generate half a million dollars within 1st 4 months --- Jackie W.

How we help our partners generate crazy results & hyper growth

viral video ads

We help our partners create viral video ads for their products. We edit and for some partners, can shoot the videos as well. If you are a women living in the US, you may have seen this ad. We broadcasted this ad to almost 20% of the entire USA female population. Producing good creatives allows us to acquire customers and scale super fast.

Media buying

We don’t run ‘facebook’ ads. We run ads that are the most profitable for your business. We also run omni channel, so be it google ads + facebook + tiktok, we do what will bring you the most ROI. We will do whats best to deliver results.

EMAIL / SMS Marketing

We write copy for, design, strategise the retention email campaigns for our partners. It is a fully hands off to bring in more ROI, especially with IOS issues. We literally do all the work, all you have to do is provide us photos and video.

You don’t pay until we produce you revenue. We are 100% aligned incentive wise with our partners.

Helping entrepreneurs like you generate millions in enterprise value

2 Of Our clients were even featured on shark tank after we scaled them!

we're REALLY not looking for clients, we're looking for long term partners

Sadly, we cannot help every type of business. This is because most of the time, the product does not have a unique selling point, the product is unable to compete in the marketplace to be profitable. Our team is FULLY committed when we help to grow your business and we want happy partners we can provide value to.

Our team will go out there and dedicate our lives to making your business work so we have to be picky because we are really…getting into a marriage here.

This is our ideal customer we are looking to work with…

1. Product has a strong unique selling point or marketing angle/twist (eg. vegan chocolate)

2. Business is already doing at least $30k/pm consistently and is ready to scale up

3. Product is actually good enough to get sales without ads, organic marketing is consistently driving sales already. Product is so good people actually come back to buy more.

4. You have ambition to grow this to a multi 7 figure, 8 figure company

5. Your product costs is ideally <30% of price point

6. AOV is >$70, customers can come back to buy your product again to increase LTV. Have the ability to be a recurring or consumable product.

7. You’re looking for a trusted partner who cares about your business. Pleasant person. Life is too short to be working with unreasonable and stingy people. If our team works on helping you create generational wealth, we want to be on this journey with awesome people too!

8. Your business should have search volume coming in and should be able to run google ads.

9. You are LONG TERM FOCUSED. You care about the next 12-18 months growth trajectory, not the next 14 days.

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600+ People can't be wrong

Here is our testimonial supercut

we know these are all guys...our female clients are just very shy to get on video lol 😅

'struggling to scale up, reached highest revenue & profit month ever'

'they work with big brands, you're going to get the knowledge that is straight from the top'

'after implementing their strategies, scaled to 80k pm, very impressed'

'revenue is up six fold, margins have increased, working less than ever'

'been in eCom 19 years, after watching his videos i knew there was a knowledge gap '

'almost instantaneous results, invaluable partner'

'i have got 3-4 calls per day, upcoming weeks booked out '

'i literally have too many clients giving me a headache, non stop flow of clients' --- YH became a top 500 sme in singapore

'the real deal, biggest strong suit is ability to communicate'

we are a hyper efficient team with real people who are dedicated to support you grow your business & get rich

lanie pagobo

Lanie beauties your brand and designs all the graphics that will convince your customers to buy your products.

chen rivera

Chen helps with writing copy. So that your advertising converts into money and revenue.

James gonzalez

James edits all your video ads so that can convert cold customers into revenue for your top of funnel.

jonathan ng

Jonathan and team strategises, runs media buying and helps you grow your biz and get rich.

here are some email marketing case results! ✉️

case study 1: alcohol brand
$4m/month email revenue


Background On Client:
This client is an 8 figure eCom brand who sells spirits, liquor and other products related to the brewery space. We helped them drive a large % of their revenue with email marketing and SMS campaigns. As alcohol is a touchy subject and most people are used to buying things in supermarkets and in-store, we had to use engaging follow up and nurturing campaigns to convince the buyer to purchase their spirits online instead. On Black Friday alone, there was 1 of our emails which generated 7 figures alone.

case study 2: Gummies brand
$3M/month email revenue


Background On Client:
This client sells gummies through their eCommerce shopify store. Before working with us, the brand was only doing organic traffic marketing and driving sales directly from youtube videos published on their channel. Because there are some limitations on marketing such a product on paid advertising channels, this brand was too reliant on a new youtube video being published for sales. When we came in, we quickly setup a lot of their email opt ins and started sucking up emails to grow their customer database. Then we created email automations and consistent manual broadcasts to nurture the relationship with the audience. We also grew the list exponentially by holding giveaways. We were able to do over $3m in email revenue alone and 4x’ing their email list size.

case study 3: magnetic eyelash makeup brand
$180k/pm email revenue

Tier 1 Western, USA/CAN/AUS/NZ

Background On Client:
This brand sells magnetic eyelashes in beauty/makeup niche. They have grown their brand from 0 to 600k/pm within 4 years. Before we came in, they were not doing much with email marketing as they just set up some flows and only emailed their list once a month or so for a sale. After we came in, we managed to 2x their email list size, and grow email revenue from a measly $10k/pm to $180k/pm. Because eyelashes market is quite competitive, email marketing on the backend allows FB ads to be much more aggressive in acquiring the customer knowing that we are producing profits and extending LTV on the back.

$40k/pm Email revenue


Background On Client:
This brand sells essential oils to older age women in the USA market. Their marketing mix consists of a healthy combination of SEO organic traffic, word of mouth and organic social from pinterest. Although there was a lot of traffic on site, there was little conversions coming from email. We implemented a quiz funnel to collect opt ins, created segmentations and specific email flows that spoke to the target customer based on their form fields inputs. This helped to seriously boost conversion rates as the messaging was very specific to the customer. Today we generate about $40k/pm in email revenue for them.

case study 5: CAMPING GEAR BRAND
$65k/pm email revenue


Background On Client:
This brand sells high ticket camping equipment to the masses. Because of the high ticket nature of the product, it takes quite awhile and a lot of effort to convince the customer to actually buy the product. Hence email marketing played a crucial role in driving conversions. We used an education style type of email flow in order to introduce the benefits, features, and USPs of the product through email. We also created various segmentation flows for EACH of the best selling product lines (eg. hammock, backpack, cooking kits) in order to speak better messaging, thus driving increased conversions for the brand. We generate $65k/pm in email revenue for them.

We Increase your email revenue. Increase company revenue without having to spend more ads so you're more profitable overall.

And if we don't you don't pay.

Sound good?