$500k Months, $50k Days, 0 to $1m in 5 months, Bootstrapped

Allen is a veteran online entrepreneur from USA who in the online space and who himself has ran ads for his former boss’s companies who were selling online course together with a physical product line up. In the past few years, he himself could hit $500k months by himself.

However with his new venture, he hit a roadblock and was finding a solution urgently. He had managed to hit $60k/pm by himself but suddenly his ads were all not converting, ad performance fell off a cliff and the ship was just going down. Ads became unprofitable, CPCs were shooting through the roof and literally did not know what was happening. This would be the worst nightmare for any business relying on online channels to make sales. By pushing more ad spend, he was literally getting diminishing returns and seeing red across the expense column and cold campaigns just went flat.

We helped reposition his entire offer to sell to a broader audience, helping him improve his conversion rates and started to scale once again. From there on, we helped him to scale to $1m in 5 months and doing a $500k/pm and high of $55k/day in November, stabilising his business and in the process making him a pre-tax millionaire.

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