Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools that eCommerce stores can use to increase their sales and profits. In this blog post, we will explore 10 tips for using email marketing to generate more revenue for your business. We’ve included klaviyo as an example of a service that you can use to create highly targeted email campaigns with ease.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Email Marketing?

There are several benefits of using email marketing:

Retention – if you want current customers who have already bought from you in the past to come back again then sending them targeted emails will help keep your brand top of mind so they think about doing business with you again when they need to make a new purchase.

Repeat Sales – By sending emails to customers who have bought from you already, they are more likely to purchase again as they will remember your brand and be familiar with it when making decisions about where to buy their next products/services from. This is why klaviyo also offers a loyalty program . You can reward loyal customers for coming back again and buying with the store by offering klaviyo discount coupons that provide discounts on future orders placed through email marketing campaigns.

Customer Acquisition – The biggest benefit of using klaviyo email marketing software is how targeted klaviyo’s services allow eCommerce stores to get in touch with potential buyers based on customer activity within an online store or klaviyo behavior campaigns. klaviyo uses machine learning techniques to identify new customers and send them emails so they can be nurtured into repeat buyers of the business’s products or services.

What Software Do We Recommend For Email Marketing?

Klaviyo.com is our recommendation for eCommerce stores looking to improve their email marketing. klaviyo makes it easy for online retailers to manage and personalize relationships with customers through lifecycle emails, triggered messages based on customer behavior, and one-time special offers that drive sales. klaviyo also integrates seamlessly with Shopify and other popular ecommerce platforms which makes getting started a breeze.

Why is Klaviyo superior to other service providers for eCommerce?

Klaviyo is superior because klaviyo’s software does much more than just send emails. It also provides a platform for eCommerce stores to create highly targeted klaviyo campaigns that can be used as part of an overall marketing strategy, not simply as a one-off email blast to customers.

Klaviyo offers detailed reports and analytics tools so you can see exactly how well your klaviyo campaigns are working by tracking the success metrics including but not limited to:

Number of Emails Sent – Using klaviyo allows ecommerce store owners to monitor which specific klavioy messages have been sent out each month via their mailing lists. This data makes it easy for online merchants track the ROI of klaviyo campaigns and to determine which klaviyo messages are performing the best so they can be reproduced in future klaviyo campaigns.

Open Rates – The open rate of a klaviyo campaign is an important metric for ecommerce merchants that allows them to see how effective their marketing emails have been at getting customers’ attention, enticing them with compelling content, and encouraging them to click through from the email into your online store where they will buy products or services.

Click-Through Rate – This KPI is defined as the number of people who clicked on links within klaivyo emails divided by total recipients (i.e., including those who didn’t). To calculate this data, the klaviyo system tracks the number of clicks on links in klaviyo emails plus any referral traffic that was generated from blog posts or social media sites. This data is used to see which klaivyo campaigns are most effective at driving sales by tracking both open rates and click-through rates.

Conversion Rate – These metrics track how well your klaviyo email marketing efforts have helped you achieve a sale, including orders made through unique URLs , discount codes, coupons sent via klaviyo messages, etc., as opposed just getting customers to engage with you online but not actually purchase anything. Having this information will help ecommerce merchants determine if they should continue using particular Klaviyo campaigns or try new ones

Lifetime Values of each customer – klaviyo is great for ecommerce stores because klaivyo tracks the lifetime value of every customer. klaviyo assigns a revenue value to each new klaviyo subscriber created which allows online merchants to see exactly how much money they are making from klaviyo campaigns and marketing efforts, not just in terms of orders made by customers but also including purchases that were generated via email messages sent out through klavioy software.

Other service providers just do not have the simplicity, tracking capabilities and technical community support that Klaviyo does. If you are building your business on top of any technology platform, we recommend going to the players with the biggest communities so that you can find support and help very easily if need be.

These are the top 10 things that you can do to generate sales with email marketing…

#1: Create your welcome series to start building your relationship with leads that have not bought from you

The email welcome series is the foundational email marketing flow that you will use to engage your customers and leads. Klaviyo automatically sends out welcome emails to new klaviyo subscribers based on the Klaviyo tags that each person has.

Think of the welcome series as the 1st touchpoint that you have with your customers. This is the ‘1st impression’, where you try to convince your customers of the benefits of your product, address any concerns that they may have, and show the many testimonials that your brand already has using social proof.

Because this is the 1st touchpoint, a lot of your sales can be generated through the welcome series. Hence it is your best interest to put your best foot forward and try to ‘acquire’ the customer with their 1st purchase with the welcome series.

#2: Test your opt in headlines to increase opt in rate

The klaviyo system allows you to split test all of your klaviyo emails so that ecommerce merchants can determine which email messages are the highest converting. The Klaviyo platform provides a variety of different klaivyo email templates for online merchants to use, each with their own copy and design variations.

However, we do recommend you to create your own designs as your brand has different color elements, designs, fonts and hex codes.

Apart from the aesthetic design, we recommend you to test your opt in headlines of your actual opt in to increase the opt in rate. For example, imagine you were selling a product that helps with weight loss.

An example of an opt in #1 could be:

Learn the top 10 tips on how to cut fat for working professionals

An example of opt in #2 could be:

Get 10% off your 1st meal plan to help you lose fat

By testing out different opt in headlines, not only are you attracting a different type of customer each time, you are also going to see which one of your opt ins will have a higher opt in rate, leading you to collecting more emails, and thus having more sales. A % difference in your opt in rates matter because, if you were driving for example 10,000 visitors to your website per day, a 1% increase in email collections is 100 new emails and potential customers who can buy from you over and over again.

#3: Using lead magnets to collect more emails

Lead magnets are klaviyo offers that ecommerce merchants give klaivyo subscribers in exchange for their emails. Lead magnets can take a variety of forms, such as klaviyo coupons or discounts, klaviyo promo codes, free guides and other valuable information people will want to receive from your business.

Examples of eCommerce lead magnets include: (Using the weight loss niche again)

  • Top 5 tips to lose 30kg in the next 5 days
  • Top tips for weight loss for mothers post-birth
  • The protein diet that’s helping mothers lose 5kg after pregnancy
  • Video course by celebrity trainer Jillian Michael to lose 5kg in next 5 days
  • Secret Workbook: How to burn fat without sacrificing your carbs

Can you see how you can use some valuable information in order to attract a potential target customer and collect their emails? By exchanging a piece of ‘value’, people are much more interested in giving up their email address and contact information.

This also starts the relationship with the customer on a higher value note, as you as a brand provided a piece of value before just ‘offering them a discount’ or using the discount route, positioning your brand as a brand of value rather than ‘cheap’.

#4: Using manual broadcast emails to engage your customers

Manual broadcast emails are the pillar stone of your email marketing strategy.

By testing out klaviyo broadcast emails, you’re going to start seeing what works and what doesn’t work within your target audience for achieving ‘higher open rates’ because when it comes down to it, the higher the open rate is, the better sales or revenue you will see from these broadcasts.

In other words: if people are opening up your klaviyo email broadcasts, they likely want more information from you about whatever product/service offer you have been advertising in those klaviyo emails.

Hence, at the start try to send out 1-2 emails per week to see what type of content your list engages with, then afterwards continue sending them content that will continuously engage them.

For example, if you were in the weight loss niche, think about what type of content is valuable to your audience?

This could be anything from…

  • Learning to lose weight without changing your diet
  • Why losing weight is not as hard as you think
  • Influencer spotlights and discussion on losing weight
  • Nutrition tips for a weight loss diet
  • What exercise regimes are suitable

Thus, producing content is not necessarily difficult, its just really about understanding what your customers care about and writing manual broadcast emails about the topic itself.

Overtime, your list learns to trust you and will buy from you overtime.

#5: Cleaning your email list for list hygiene

List cleaning is an important part of your email strategy because it directly correlates to the revenue that you can produce.

List cleaning is klaviyo simply removing klaviyo people off your list who haven’t engaged with you in the past month or two, but also by keeping an eye on klaviyo unsubscribe rates.

If your email broadcast lists are producing high numbers of ‘unsubscribes’, then it means that there might be a problem somewhere with how klaivyo emails were being sent out and not delivering to the correct target audience within your niche/list size.

If your ESP (email service provider) consistently sees low open rates, klaviyo high klaviyo unsubscribe rates, klaviyo and low response rates from your email broadcast lists… you will get penalised for your open rates.

However, if you consistently see low open rate then its likely that you need to look into creating more target audiences or list segments for yourself as well as increasing the frequency of emails being sent out on intervals rather than sending the entire list at 1 shot.

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