Google Adwords is a great source of traffic, but it can be difficult to get visitors to convert. This blog post discusses 7 google ad conversion optimization tips that will help you increase your google ads conversion rate and generate more revenue for your business!

Tip 1 – Test Your Landing Page Headline:

A conversion optimization tip is to test your landing page headline before you go live with it. Your conversion rate will increase if the headline makes a promise that people want fulfilled, and it’s easy for them to understand what they need to do in order to take advantage of this offer.

Test Your Call-to-Action: The “call-to” action includes any button or words on the webpage that encourage visitors to click through, subscribe, purchase something online, etc. Focusing too much attention on other parts of the landing page can distract from these call-to actions which should be prominent. Make sure visitors know exactly how they can convert!

Build Trust With an Effective Landing Page Design: Many marketers worry about skewing their conversion rates by including too much text on the landing page. However, conversion rates will actually increase if you have a nice design and offer visitors helpful information about how their conversion is being tracked in Google Adwords.

Improve Your Landing Page’s Performance by Including Relevant Content: It may seem counterintuitive to create content for your landing pages that doesn’t mention what product or service you’re selling but including related material can help build trust while keeping readers engaged with your site.

Tip 2 – Add Testimonials and Reviews :

Another conversion optimization tip is to collect testimonials and reviews from your current customers – they’re more likely to convert than people who have never interacted with you before.

– Include trust symbols on your landing page like a seal from the Better Business Bureau or an A+ rating.

– Make sure conversion action words are prominently placed throughout your website and that you use clear language to tell visitors what they can do in order to convert.

– Add testimonials from customers, preferably ones who have already converted because their conversion rates will be higher than those of new prospects. Use YouTube videos of happy customers too!

– Show reviews of products or services so that prospective buyers know other people had good experiences with you before buying. Reviews should also include conversion feedback – how likely would readers buy again? Would they recommend others purchase items from this company? Definitely these facts will help conversion rates.

Tip 3 – Optimize Your Contact Page

If you’re a conversion-hungry marketer, don’t forget to optimize your contact page for conversion rates! This is where google ad conversion optimization tips really start coming in handy.

Include an address and phone number that are easy to find – if visitors can’t quickly locate the information they need when it’s time to convert, then chances of them converting decrease dramatically.

Begin by giving people the option of contacting you via email or telephone so that whichever form of contact they prefer is easier for them. Make sure these options are prominently displayed on every page of your website with clear links back up to their corresponding pages.

Add hours and days during which customer service representatives will be available so prospects know exactly how much time they have to contact you before conversion.

Tip 4 – Test the Buttons

It’s important to ensure that the buttons on your landing page are working and optimized for conversion. Test different layouts with A/B testing software so you can see which one converts better!

Test Different Button Layouts: It makes sense to test many button layouts before deciding what will work best with conversion rates.

– Big, easy-to-see “call” or “submit,” complete with a relevant picture of the product or service being offered (get creative). Show visitors why they should convert!

– CTA button is highlighted in order to draw attention away from other distracting features on the page and make sure it stands out as much as possible.

Add Specific Conversion Action Words: Encourage conversion by using conversion action words, such as “Start Your Free Trial,” or “Sign Up for our Newsletter.”

– Don’t forget to use clear language and offer visitors conversion incentives like discounts on purchases. These conversion optimization tips will help to improve conversion rates significantly.

– Make sure that conversion action words are prominently placed throughout your website and use clear language in order to make it easy for visitors to convert.

Tip 5 – Add directional cues

Directional cues are the key to leading the viewer to conversion. Directional cues are graphics that guide your visitors’ eyes away from distractions and toward conversion points on the page, increasing conversion rates by up-to-100%.

– Directional cues should appear on conversion points – headings, key messages and call to actions.

– Directional cues make conversion more likely because people will be able to spot the conversion point without having to read any text or click anything first.

– Directional cues also help conversion rates by directing the viewer to conversion points on your landing page, such as headings, key messages and call to actions.

Tip 6 – Add Value

Value is one of the most important components for conversion rates.

– Add value to your website by offering visitors freebies, discounts or something else that they can’t get anywhere else so that there’s a reason to return on a regular basis.

– Value isn’t just about money! You want people coming back because they learn new information every time they visit your site – value should be in the form of knowledge and expert advice too (even if it doesn’t have monetary value).

Tip 7 – Avoid Risk

You can avoid risk by using a secure payment option for your website, like PayPal or Stripe.

– Be sure to outline the guarantee clearly on your website so that visitors know what you offer and how it works.

– Offer a refund policy, but make sure it’s for a limited time only – if they purchased something months ago and want their money back now, it will look bad!

– Avoid risk by making the guarantee limited in time so that people can’t keep asking for refunds long after they made their purchase. It is important to include an address and phone number where prospects can contact customer service during normal business hours or when there are office closures. This will help with conversion rates too.

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