Who is Alex Fedotov?

Alex Fedotov became famous from becoming successful at dropshipping and building eCommerce brands. He popped onto the scene when when started posting figures of doing 7 figures in a single month purely using Shopify stores, facebook ads and selling physical products.

Alex is quite active on social media and on his youtube channel too which he uses to interview other famous people in eCommerce, as a way to sell his educational products as well as to gain exposure for him as an eCommerce guru.

What type of content does Alex fedotov post?

Alex normally posts content around student interviews and his guides on how he’s been able to scale his stores doing $1m/month. He has achieved $20m in eCommerce sales before the age of 28 (as he claims) as is now teaching others on how to do as well.

Who can benefit from Alex Fedotov’s Training?

Because Alex focuses on teaching acquisition using facebook ads and extending the LTV of the customers using softwares such as Zipify, funnelish and such, he is suitable if you are someone who wants to hit $100k+ per month and to be able to scale consistently.

Here’s a video of Alex with a student interview:

Where has Alex spoken at?

Alex has been invited to speak at AW Conference, the affiliate world conference showing others how he has managed to scale his brands to that scale.

Alex sells a course, mentoring program now. Why?

Alex sells a course or coaching program as part of his strategy to network with other eCommerce entrepreneurs, drive another channel of revenue for his business as well as position him as an expert.

He also currently runs aggressive ads on youtube and facebook in order to get new customers for his coaching program.

What brands does Alex run?

Dropshippers and eCommerce entrepreneurs who sell generic products are usually very protective of their brand and products such that they will never let anyone know of their brand name purely because other people can come into the space to ‘steal their product’ and affect sales.

Hence that is why most dropshippers never show the businesses that they run.

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