What if you could spend LESS time selling, spend more time helping and impacting the lives of your customers and actually grow your business that you actually enjoy running? Let me explain.

It’ll cost $3000. You can pay here.

Your heart, it felt painful…right? Skipped a beat.

Pitching your high ticket offer, face-to-face, on the phone, on a zoom call.

Must be really scary, and up to this point, you must have taken them through a LONG drawn sales process up to this point.

You have tried cold emailing, reaching out to facebook groups, linkedin automation, quora, forums?

Sound familiar?

You’ve gone to many back and forths, chasing and asking to get on a call.

It took everything to get to this point. And now, you’re here.

Your time put into your best PowerPoint slides. Your heart and soul into the sales pitch and offer.

All your words — have been said.

Heart pounding, waiting for an answer. Silence intermittently comes in…

And then the usual ‘I have to think about it’.

Your heart sinks a bit further and you’re like…hhhhffffuuuuhhhh.

Entrepreneurship, business and life. Why is it so tough?

I would think pitching high ticket offers as coaches and consultants, leads don’t come by every day, and the opportunity for you to pitch near the close does not come often.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. Really.

What if you could automate this process and leads come to you?

Leads that are qualified and at least ready for a solution and ready to BUY. WARM leads.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. You just need a consistent and predictable process to acquire customers. Let me explain.

It already takes so much time to do lead generation, qualifying leads, meeting them for a meeting then closing them.

It’s brainless, manual and a low-value task.

There are much easier ways to shorten the sales process and that will allow you to:

– Spend less time doing lead generation

– Spend less time selling leads to be interested in your product/service

– Spend more time with your customers and improving the product/service

– Spend more time with your friends and family (& actually enjoy the business that you are running)

So how do we attract prospects to:
1. Be interested in our products/services

2. Prequalify them so we only speak to prospects ready to BUY

3. Get them to pay…

All in an automated system?

A webinar funnel is the most powerful selling tool that is available. You can deliver the SAME sales pitch to every customer, making your entire sales process systematized.

Advantages of a webinar funnel include:


All the work is done once and done at the start. You just have to put in the work 1 time to create a video, of which the entire script template will be provided to you so that you can just plug and play your business into it. It’s a template, it works and it’s a proven system.

Afterwards, you can remove yourself from the sales cycle and focus on the higher-value tasks in your business.

Qualified leads come to YOU

Depending on your choice, you can pre-qualify leads based on how much friction you want to put for a lead to fill up an application. For me, I would ask an average of 9 questions just so that I know that leads that actually fill-up the form bother to take the time to fill up the answers — showing me that they have higher purchase intent and are warm leads.

You don’t want to be dealing with people who don’t care. You want to be serving clients who care, making your service delivery easier and free of tire kickers as well.

This gives you extreme leverage because these leads are considered WARM and INBOUND. They are looking to BUY your product/services.

Not only that, if you are hiring a sales or SDR team, you don’t have to hire very experienced sales professionals, as you can just give them scripts to close these warm, inbound leads.

Scale Profitably

You can scale the webinar funnel as much as you like. It is literally your single most potent acquisition channel. Once you build the entire system and traffic starts driving through it, after a few tweaks or optimizing or so, you can get an estimated of your numbers and KPIs that you want to hit.

Then you can see that at scale, you are basically putting in $1 to get back $5-$10. So all you have to do at that point is try to put in as much ad spend as possible.

Product Education & Eliminating Churn

The thing that will kill your business is probably the retention of the customer. With the webinar funnel, you are getting the chance to actually educate the prospect about the features and BENEFITS of the product before they even speak or interact with a member of your team.

They self-educate and are more INVESTED in the product/service because of this. It also reduces the workload on your team, so you free up productivity and reduce customer support time. It’s a win-win-everybody win.

Suitable for Selling High Ticket Products/Services

If you are selling any sort of high-ticket products or services, anything from:

· Coaching, consulting services.

· High ticket enterprise SAAS software.

· Requiring agency leads that are the recurring and high ticket.

No question, the webinar funnel is going to make running your business a lot easier and actually enjoyable.

Resistant to rising Facebook ad, LinkedIn advertising costs

Facebook ad costs are rising exponentially, with a report from Forbes saying that ad costs have risen by 90% in just the past year alone. With most businesses trying to come online, the competition for limited spaces to place advertising increases, driving up costs.

The webinar funnel is a ROCK-SOLID moat for your business because the conversion cycle is not as reliant on the CPC model as much. As long as your offer for your opt-ins is good, your cost per lead can still remain the same.

The entire conversion cycle happens on your web page (an asset that you can control).

So your business is predictable and stable. I like predictability in business.


We use simple maths to compute whether the unit economics make sense first. If the model works, holy moly, get excited because that means we can potentially help you do some BIG NUMBERS.

We will first craft out your offer, messaging and sales pitch that you will deliver via an automated webinar.

We monitor everything through traffic and data analytics to see how people are engaging with your conversion asset — your video sales pitch.

This gives us an indication of whether your offer and copywriting is aligned with your target customer persona.

If there is a drop-off at this stage, then we will tweak your offer. Its usually not your product or the targeting, it’s usually the messaging of the offer.

And because we are tracking EVERYTHING, we will know EXACTLY what to change. Advertising is the art, and data tracking and analytics is the science part.

That’s why the funnel is so powerful.

Depending on where your prospects lie…be it facebook or linkedin or wherever your audience exists…we test advertising in small amounts…

And get you EXTREMELY qualified leads that WANT to buy your product/service.

Once we got the metrics dialled in, we are ready to scale your business to doing INSANE NUMBERS.

Sounds too good to be true?

You might think I’m just talking out of my ass, but I’m not, its just math and predictability in income.

I like predictability and consistency in business, and I would think you do too.

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And if we don't you don't pay.

Sound good?