What is DimNiko Agency?

DimNiko Agency is a digital marketing agency that uses eCommerce as its main focus. They provide services ranging from website design to social media management, and they have been doing so for the past 5 years.

Based in San Diego , DimNiko Agency [http://dimnikoagency.com] boasts about being able to help their clients increase revenue by 30% or more through their “conversion-centric” approach.

According to them, they’ve helped over 500 brands grow their businesses through various stages of the online selling process. Some of these brands include Vitacup, Peppigel and many more.

Who owns DimNiko Agency?

DimNiko Agency was founded by Dimitrios Koussoulakos, who is also its current president. He has been involved with the marketing industry since 2009.

What conferences has DimNiko Spoken At?

SitePoint, Affiliate World Conferences, and SMX are a few of the many conferences DimNiko Agency has spoken at.

What kind of services does DimNiko offer?

Their services can be generally categorized into 5 different areas: web design, SEO, social media management, paid advertising, and eCommerce consulting.

More specifically, they provide website design services that focus on creating high-converting eCommerce stores. They also offer SEO services that help brands achieve higher organic search rankings, as well as social media management services that help businesses grow their online presence.

Additionally, they offer paid advertising services which include setting up and managing ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook and GoogleWords.

It seems from the outside, Dimniko focuses a lot on paid advertising but recently they have done more consulting and full service deals.

They also have another part of their business where they sell informational products and courses to their clients and audience, although that side of the busiess is not publicly available.

What are the pros of working with DimNiko Agency?

They’ve got a lot of experience dealing with eCommerce brands They have a “conversion-centric” approach to their services – which means they focus on making sure prospects become customers.

They use various strategies for each client in order to target different visitors and segments Their services include everything from website design, social media management to email marketing campaigns.

The eCommerce Titans Podcast

]Dimitrios Koussoulakos, the founder of Dimniko Agency and he provides a wealth of information about how to succeed with online selling in his podcasts where he interviews top entrepreneurs in the eCommerce space.

One of his guests was also Josh Snow from Snow teeth whitening!

In general, should I go with this eCommerce marketing agency?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the decision of whether or not to work with DimNiko Agency will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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