If you’re still dropshipping, you should do this instead…

The standard form of Shopify dropshipping is still alive and well, but then how do we use that model to launch companies that will survive the test of time then?

It should be noted that the market has become more sophisticated, and the people who do not know how to adapt are going to die out slowly,

How should you think about starting and scaling your eCommerce store then?
1. Start dropshipping if you’re really tight on cash to reduce your risk and prove that you can sell your products at a profit.

2. Once you get a few sales consistently over a few weeks, you need to use that money to go buy stock and MOQ (minimum order quantity) to ensure that your brand is holding inventory in a 3PL warehouse. This allows you to increase your stock in the country you are selling to and decrease shipping times for customers.

3. As you sell more product, go and purchase even more MOQ at one time, 100, 200, 500 at 1 shot.

4. Create custom logos and packaging for the products.

5. Don’t focus on profit 1st. Just get revenue topline growth.

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