Here’s a case study of how we helped our client go from $2,000 in email revenue to $83,000 in email marketing revenue within the 1st 2 months of working with them.

Context Of The Client:

The client was running paid advertising and acquiring customers via google ads during this time. They spend anywhere from $60-80k per month to get back around $300k per month. Not bad for a ROI in terms of ads on the frontend.

The problem is when the company stopped the ads, they would normally have large dips in terms of their revenue because they don’t have any other acquisition channel to rely on.

It also meant that they did not have any sort of backend systems helping them squeeze more revenue from their main advertising dollar.

The Email Marketing Strategy We Planned & Implemented

Popups Setup & Optimization

Before we came onboard, the client was only collecting emails when people purchased something from them, this really stagnated the collection of emails and there was very little lead flow coming through into the email automations.

Furthermore, a good 95% of the entire list was actually suppressed Klaviyo profiles, meaning that they were inactive and lots of them were hard to reach/low likelihood of opening the emails.

This made it very difficult for us to start generating revenue quickly as they were considered ‘dead leads’. Hence we had to create separate, customised popups from scratch to start collecting ‘fresh leads’ who have not bought from the brand in the 1st place.

We implemented a series of mobile and desktop customised popups to increase likelihood of opt in rates, also testing several different offers in order to attract a higher quality audience.

This enabled the fresh leads coming into the funnel to enter the ‘welcome series’, the email flow that would build rapport and start the relationship off with customers.

Types of flows that we implemented

Besides that, we always 1st build out the essential email flows that every eCommerce brand needs, here are the following:

  1. Welcome Series
  2. Abandoned Cart
  3. Browse Abandonment
  4. Product back in stock reminder (if physical product needed)
  5. Post purchase thank you + Upsell

Ensuring email deliverability & Customer list segmentation

In the past, the team was just sending emails to their entire email list, this caused the open rates to suffer greatly and some emails were being sent out at a very measly 5-7%. This is bad because it affects your domain reputation with the email service providers (ESPs).

When you send emails out in bulk, and have very low open rates, the email networks will flag your domain and IP address for low deliverability. Usually when very few people open your emails, it is a sign to gmail for example that you may be spamming people which they do not like at all.

Hence what you need to do instead is to send people emails based on your per user activity such as…

  • Number of times visited website
  • Number of times visited product page
  • Number of times opened or clicked upon the email
  • Whether they have bought from you in the 1st place

All of these factors lead to the ESPs giving you the signal that this person is active and willing to be on your list, hence when you do send them an email for example, you would have a high open rate.

Moving forward for this brand

We are already in the midst of creating more manual broadcast email flows for this klaviyo account, and as we get better overtime, we are able to generate more revenue for this brand.

Also, by building more advanced and segmented automations with A/B split testing, we hope to be doing at least $150k per month on the email channel alone.

The stats for this client are here:

Before working with us: $2,000

After working with us: Additional $81,000

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