You want to hire an email marketing agency for your eCommerce brand. For example, if you were on Shopify and already at 7 figures you need to be looking into email marketing to extend your LTV on your backend.

Now you’re ready to hire someone to do your email marketing work for you.

You should consider hiring an email agency only when:

  • You have consistent revenues of $50k/pm already
  • You are on an eCommerce platform that easily integrates with other softwares such as Klaviyo
  • Familar with the software that is industry standard (speaking from Klaviyo perspective)

So what should you look out for when you are hiring your email marketing agency?

  1. Proof Of Results In The Past
  2. Experience With Klaviyo Email Software
  3. Working as a freelancer or team
  4. SOPs and systems in place for fulfillment and execution

Proof Of Results In The Past

When you are vetting an email marketing agency, you want to make sure that they can actually show you proof of the results that they have been able to achieve for their other clients in the past.

This could be in the form of screenshots of open rates and click-through rates, or even better, a case study documenting the entire process from beginning to end.

If you would like to see an example of a case study, check out this blog post of ours here:

Experience With Klaviyo Email Software

Since Klaviyo is one of the more popular email marketing softwares out there, it is important to make sure that your chosen agency has experience working with it.

They should not only be familiar with the software itself, but also with all of the different features and integrations that are available.

An expert in a software knows the ins and outs and from day 1, knows what knobs to turn in order to start getting results.

Working As A Freelancer Or Team

Working as a freelancer or team?

When looking for an agency, you will want to make sure that they work as either a freelancer or as a team.

While solo agencies may be able to complete the job faster and for cheaper rates , it is important that any email work your eCommerce brand and marketing rely on is completed with accuracy and precision.

The problem with freelancers handling an entire account is that because email marketing is not simple, there are many moving parts such as strategy, copy, design and automation, there usually requires more than 1 person to execute the entire thing in order for you to start seeing results.

Furthermore, if the freelancer is handling other clients that takes time and mental energy away from your brand too.

SOPs And Systems In Place For Fulfillment And Execution

It’s great if you find an agency who has experience with the software that you use, but what about all of their other processes?

Does your chosen agency have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place which outline every step of the process from beginning to end?

Do they have documented systems in place that clearly outlines how to execute certain things?

For example, if you are working with an email agency that doesn’t have systems for automating emails pre-launch or sending drip campaigns, then your emails may not be sent out the day before your product launches.  

When there are teams of people working on 1 problem, there is usually lots of effecieincies especially if the team is well trained and has worked with other clients too.

Final Thoughts…

“It is more expensive to hire a beginner than to hire an expert”.

When I heard that statement, it could be further from the truth.

When you hire an expert, you get things done the 1st time round. When you hire a beginner, you are at the mercy of all the mistakes that they make.

This is what Klaviyo (from their official blog) believes are some of the most important factors when choosing an email marketing agency.

You want someone who has experience with the software that you use, but at the same time they should have a proven record of results with other eCommerce/marketing brands.

They need to have SOPs and systems in place for fulfillment and execution, as well as working either as a freelancer or a team.

If you are looking to hire an agency that can help you deliver and also guarantee results for you, we at OXG Media would love to help you!

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