B.Simone, actress, influencer, social media megastar has officially become a millionaire. In an instagram story that showed her around her staff and her friends, she broke down and was emotional about her past and also showed her bank account with the illusive 7-figure mark.

 A young hustler and somebody who is self made – Simone starred in various TV shows such as MTV’s wild n out and leveraged that attention to create a beauty store for herself. 

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  • Learn the power of an influencer brand and how that can drive sales
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  • What the Simone Beauty brand does well to convert visitors into customers


Simone sells to her fan base and her audience as she boasts an extremely impressive 4.8 million followers on instagram allowing her to funnel a lot of free traffic from her profile into her ecommerce sites. She also has a youtube channel that averages 100k+ views per video and has 400k subscribers, bringing tons of traffic from her social media sites. The traffic is mostly free and enables Simone to build that retargeting pixel data as well as email list.

Her products which include lip glosses, lip pencils and others centred around the makeup beauty niche – are very affordable and run from $12 to $16. Considering Simone has a lot of organic channels that she uses to drive traffic – it is extremely impressive and her conversion rate on her website definitely is in the healthy 3%++ range.

Furthermore, we’ve checked the facebook ad library and it also shows Simone and her team do not spend a dime on facebook and instagram ads – proving that her sales are purely organic and her profit margins are definitely very high as well – allowing her to put more resources into her photos and video content that generates that traffic. 

Although an influencer, Simone is a very smart businesswomen who knows that the relationship with her audiences are more important than the transactional volume that she can generate. Hence her vlogs and youtube content  is where she chooses to express herself and she does a lot of long form content with her videos that can stretch to 30-40 minutes.

By building more trust with her customers – Simone builds tremendous trust and when she DOES pitch a product or offer with her, it becomes such an easy sell because her viewers already like, trust and respect her and buy her products because of the relationship they have with her. This is unlike other corporate brands that plaster A+ supermodels on big posters across the world. There is not much of a real human connection there.

  1. Simone’s Beauty Traffic Secrets

Let’s examine where Simone’s traffic comes from. Her main sources of traffic are…

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Organic Search

I would think this is not surprising as Simone’s biggest fan base comes from instagram, followed by youtube.

What is surprising though is that 51% of the traffic comes from organic search. I would think that because Simone has been featured in many news tabloids that cover her life because she is a celebrity featured on MTV’s wild n out, the organic traffic comes from people watching her on television and finding her name on google. 

This gives Simone’s brand an elevated status in google’s eyes too because if credible news sources are mentioning your branded keyword in their content, it recognises you as a credible source, hence lifting up the Simone beauty domain as well.

For Instagram:

Simone is very active on instagram as she regularly posts pictures of herself as well occasionally her products on her news feed. She also posts on her story which allows her swipe up feature so that fans can swipe up and land on her shopify store as well.

Her bio is also very neatly organised and it all points back to her shopify store, no brand sponsorships or nothing. Simone understand the best thing to promote – are her own products as she control the margin 100%.

For youtube:

Simone, as an online content creator, is quite a genius. On youtube with long form content, Simone produces 30-40 minute long vlogs of her life, mixing entertainment and business together and showing her audience the life behind their idol.

She also calls the entire production ‘Baby Girl TV’, a purposeful way to make it seem like her videos are like episodes to a drama and viewers should tune in episode by episode. Its like reality TV on demand and she loops these videos into a youtube playlist as well.

In the video description, Simone includes the link to her website so that her fans can find her website when they need to.

  1. Simone’s Shopify Store Website

Looking at the website, it is a really standard ecommerce store without any conversion metric hacks whatsoever. Her products and photoshoots are professionally shot but there is nothing however in terms of conversion rate optimization there is nothing special going on.

Something to note as well – this is not fake scarcity – but a lot of her products are also sold out, indicating that there is actually tons of demand that the team did not anticipate. 

What we can learn from B.Simone and her business savvy?

Simone has managed to turn her social media attention, following and personal brand into a viable business that is able to monetize her audience. Even though as an influencer its hard to monetize your audience as you may get criticized for it — Simone does this expertly and knows how to build relationships on video to do this as well.

If Simone invests into paid marketing as well – I think the Simone brand would grow multi fold and see tremendous success as well.

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