How The Find Guru Uses Her Personal Brand To Grow Her Shopify E-Commerce Store

There’s no short cut to success, every entrepreneur learns the hard way through blood, sweat, and tears. And The Find Guru is a testament to that. A very savvy business women/ entrepreneur/ social media influencer, that prioritizes her youtube subscribers and Instagram following over all her other ventures, it’s no wonder that she has a super loyal fan base.

Over a span of 4 years, she has managed to grow consistently and gain an average of 15k new subscribers every month, to now a whooping 670k subscribers.

She runs multiple branded eCommerce store on the Shopify platform and one of the brand — Praised her, was grown purely through her influence on youtube and Instagram.

She also went the extra mile and documented the whole process of starting the brand, showing full transparency, while teaching her followers how they can start their own from scratch.


Why you should read this article?

  • Learn how The Find Guru managed to grow her e-commerce business purely through organic traffic and personal branding
  • Learn how The Find Guru gain the trust of followers by documenting the whole process of building her brand
  • How you can leverage youtube and Instagram to sell anything

What does The Find Guru sell?

Praise Her is a private labeled brand, with each piece of clothing handpicked by The Find Guru. From dresses, cardigans, jumpsuits, hoodies, burgundies, to knitted clothes, they’re all stamped with the Praised Her label, with the tagline “ The feminine grows from praise”.

How documenting her journey gain the trust of her followers

The Find Guru’s youtube channel is a mixture of lifestyle tips, and also a dab of inspiration/educational videos to help women. Right after launching Praise Her, she released a series on how she started the brand from scratch. The whole process is documented, from how she sources for clothing, to the building of the website, to doing the marketing.

The goal of the series was to help college students (like herself when she was just starting out) to start one themselves. She clearly states that she’s not a guru and still learning and making mistakes on the way — this creates massive trust with her fans as it shows that she’s relatable and also genuinely passionate about sharing her experiences. Giving value to her followers reap goodwill and they are more likely to support her in future brand launches.

One example of a brand launch is: In one of the videos labeled “I launched my new clothing store”, The Find Guru shows off her new launch for her brand in a video lookbook format – garnering 60,000 + views since. If just 0.5% of her audience translates into sales, she would have gotten 3,000 paying customers. 3,000 paying customers with a conservative average order value of $30 would be $90,000 in sales, off one video launch.


Other sources of traffic for her brand include Instagram. Back in Oct 2018, she made a video titled: How I started my first business at 20, where she broke down how she made $5000 a month from selling clothes by wearing it and posting pictures on Instagram.


So how does she do $5000/month by just posting on instagram?

It’s not as hard as you think.

Price – cost = profit margin

$30 price – $13.30 = $16.7

PM = $16 (Minimum)

Daily Sales = 10

With just selling 10 items with a profit margin of $16.7 each – $167 a day,

That’ll make up to $167 x 30 Days = $5,010 a month. And that was back in 2018. With over 440,000 followers now, you can imagine how much traffic she directs to her clothing brand.

How you can leverage youtube and Instagram to sell anything?

When selling a product and building your brand, the best way to drive traffic organically without paid advertising, is by building a community.

The Find Guru does so via Youtube and Instagram and monetize it extremely well.

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