How to fix your facebook page score – A low feedback score affects your ad performance!

You may have seen that your facebook page score aka your customer feedback score has been going downhill – and your ad performance gets affected, this affects your ability to continue running advertising at a profitable rate…

Decreasing your ROAS – cutting into your profit margins – this absolutely sucks…

There is also a facebook threshold score – basically the minimum score that facebook accepts before it starts flagging your account.

This affects your business – and you need to fix it ASAP.

You can check what is your exact page score here:


Why read this article?

  • Brief overview on what your facebook page score is
  • What will cause the score to go down
  • How you can fix it to prevent this from ever happening again

What is the facebook page score?

The facebook page score is a score determined by facebook of how your business is treating its customers. WHen people visit your site from facebook and they purchase from you – because facebook holds all of the data in their pixel, they would be able to identify customers based on the past purchases as facebook tracks the conversion value when they send data from the pixel on your site into their servers.

Using the advanced analytics and AI, they will match the customer email address to the user on site when the purchaser logs back into facebook or instagram.

Facebook would then specifically reach out to your customers and ask them whether they had a good or bad experience with your website – and the aggregation of this data is displayed with a score ranging from 0 to 5.

0 represents a very negative experience with your website.

5 represents a very positive experience.

You don’t want to be a target of facebook and you SHOULD be 100% incentivised to treat your customers right – because facebook if they don’t like you – will remove your entire business from you by preventing you from advertising on their platform.

The reason why facebook implemented this back in 2018 is because when users shop on facebook they associate the customer experience – be it positive or negative with the experience that they have – with facebook.

And they understand that if they buy something that is fraudulent on facebook – they will shun away from facebook and not trust it – decreasing the usage rates on facebook.

Facebook in turn loses money as less people use the site – and less advertisers are in the game.

This entire change and focus on customer experience came when scammy dropshippers started advertising and abusing the facebook marketplace – accepting money and not fulfilling the products.

The onslaught of shopify dropshipping courses and people who want to make money quick without – with a lot of repercussions – have sprouted out and to stem and kill this behavior of policing –

This feedback score was born.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with facebook, they can kill your entire business.

What will cause your score to go down

If you promise something on your site – or have extremely long shipping times – customers who have bought on your site would start to feel like they have been scammed and will start giving you bad reviews…

Decreasing your feedback score.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I was running ads for my client and their stock was out so everything was backordered, causing customers to feel like they have been scammed.

What will happen if you cross the penalty score

The penalty score of 2.0 is the threshold barrier that facebook accepts before they start taking action and penalising you.

If you are already feeling increasing CPMs and CPPs thats because facebook is feeling that customers are increasingly giving you bad ratings.

And it SHOULD be a sign for you to improve your infrastructure, logistics and fulfillment times.

You don’t want facebook ads prices to increase – so do something about it.

How to fix your feedback score if its already down

Ok…you’re already down in this hole….you are extremely close to the penalty score or already crossed it –

What I would suggest is to stop running ads entirely.

Make it clear what your shipping times are

On your product page make it UBER clear what your shipping times, how many business days, and set the expectation that your stock is going to take a long time to ship if that is the case.

By being transparent with your customers – then at least it sets the expectation that customers need to wait a while and if customers ask ‘where is my order’? You don’t have to worry about these things.

Meet customers expectations with clear policies

Another thing is that if a customer requests a refund – give them the refund. There is no point in counting dollars and cents when playing with facebook. And if it means having some refunds to prevent chargebacks or a lower feedback score – do it.

Ultimately – treat your customers better.

Negotiate with the supplier for faster shipping times.

If it means having to pay a bit more – do it. Protect your customers, and they will reward you.

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