⏰I’ve took a LONG time to actually systemise a method that actually converts customers through VIDEO ADS…

And I think I have FINALLY done it. 

?‍?I had always thought that the ‘experts’ had some special sauce and how they managed to produce winning video ads over and over again.

?️It was a struggle at first because I could replicate results on good ROAS one or twice but never being able to do it as scale. 

?So I was thinking to myself…how can I actually templatise the process so that everyone on my team can replicate the same type of success at scale? (Hopefully this makes it SO much easier for you)

If you are scripting out video ads for facebook/ig ecommerce, its really quite simple.

?‍♀️Step #1: List out all your objections
People buy OUT of their problems and by putting forth their objections, you are basically putting yourself in the best possible position to squash their objections. You first call them OUT during your hook (ideally), then go ahead and DESTROY them. 

?️Step #2: Avoid ‘ART’
When filming the video ad, it would be ideal for you to put in text overlay that guides people on wtf is happening. Its ea

?Step #3: Be Creative/Weird, But Not Artsy/Fartsy
Stop trying to be cinematic and artsy/fartsy. I was a videographer/photographer doing commercial work last time and I get it. 

The creative has to look pretty – honestly, sorry for being honest….but nobody cares about ‘art’ on the social networks. 

They want to see their friends/families/interesting trivia? So cater to that appetite. Of course, still retain the creativity in how you try to persuade your audience, but don’t try to do ‘cinematic art’.

?Step #4: Have a clear CTA
Being blunt here – but you have to make your customer journey as idiot proof as possible. 
When I look into the hotjar heatmaps, the dropoff in traffic from one stage of the funnel to the next is insane. So if you are paying for traffic –> Really TELL your audience how to make the next step by being explicit.

If you need your actor in the ad to say ‘Click this button (show screenshot of button) to find out more’ then DO IT!

?Step #5: Who are you selling to?
Seems pretty obvious right? Not really…

I’ve seen many clients try to sell to everybody instead of somebody and:
-It doesn’t work
-It dilutes your message
-Dilutes your brand
-Makes your CPM rise insanely high 

Although by targetting pockets of people as your target persona, your audience size gets smaller, your messaging becomes MORE POTENT. And profitability would follow suit. 

Using this template has gotten me good results and being able to produce creatives that convert over and over again. 

I like business to be predictable and consistent.

And I think you do too.

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