In this article, we would like to show you how to scale your google ads eCommerce campaigns while being super profitable. The strategies that we will be showing you will help you scale, if done well, at a 10x+ ROAS if your business is setup correctly.

Some of these strategies include…

  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • RLSA Campaigns
  • Branded Keyword campaigns
  • How to get Higher Search Impression Share to beat your competitors in the auction
  • Creating Smart Shopping Campaigns as well as using Manual Bidding Vs. Automated Bidding.

Dynamic Re-marketing

Dynamic remarketing is a great way to generate high ROAS for your eCommerce campaigns. Dynamic remarketing campaigns are optimised on a specific set of parameters or attributes for your product. There is no need to upload the complete catalog here because you can use dynamic bidding and get an even higher ROAS compared to when uploading all products in one campaign, which will be more expensive due to higher bids.

Let’s give you a basic example. You have a product called iPhone X, and another one called Samsung S12+. In this case to maximize your ROAS, it is best to create two different campaigns based on the price of each individual phone because that will be our re-marketing segmentation variable in your dynamic remarketing campaigns for these phones.

In other words, if someone viewed an expensive phone (iPhone) they would get served ads from similar products with high prices such as iPads or MacBooks etc… If someone views a cheaper phone (Samsung), then we can serve them lower priced items like cases or screen protectors etc..

This way, no matter what type of customer visits our site ,we are able to show them the products that are most relevant to them, but also maximise our bids.

RLSA Campaigns

RLSA (Re-marketing Lists for Search Ads) are an excellent way of running eCommerce business with website traffic from Google Shopping ads as well as YouTube shopping feed. It’s also possible now that RLSA tags have been activated by google- Adwords but it needs some work from advertisers side such as adding keywords which match their tier to create these lists necessary for this type of campaign setup like: “QLSA campaign for tier one (QT) keywords, QLSD campaign for tier two keywords and so on.

Remarketing for search ads is extremely effective because you are putting placements in front of the customer who already likes, trusts and respects your brand. So the omni present feeling of ‘this brand is everywhere’ kicks in.

How do you set up your RLSA campaign?

You can create a remarketing list, similar to a custom audience on facebook, then run a specific campaign that ONLY targets that list. Because the audience pool is quite small, we recommend to run it at very small budgets of $5-10/day.

Branded Keyword campaigns

Brand keyword campaigns are a great way to increase your Search Impression Share, which in turn will help you rank higher when people search on Google. This is done by creating keywords of the same name as what your business offers and bidding high enough so that it shows up at the top of google’s first page.

When you are running ads on Facebook or another platform outside of google for example, people would generally go back to google and search your brand name.

Since Google has become more and more competitive over time , it is harder for your eCommerce site to show up in the first page of google’s search engine results pages (SERP) unless you have a really strong brand name with lots of social signals as well as backlinks from high authority websites .

This can be achieved by creating Branded keyword campaigns which allows us to bid on branded keywords related to your site’s business or product offering.

For example if I am selling mobile phones online my campaign could look like this “Mobile Phones Online – Shop for Mobile Phones Online | iphone-store.com”

These types of campaigns can be used not just to rank higher in Google but primarily to increase impression share because everybody uses phrase match type queries instead of exact matches via google ads platform. Another advantage is once somebody searches using these phrases, then all other platforms such as Youtube Shopping feed, Facebook ads etc will also start showing your ad which in turn increases brand awareness and sales conversions.

However, this type of keyword targeting needs to be done organically so it’s best if you could allocate some budget for organic SEO/SEM activity as well to achieve the same goal. And lastly when running these campaigns, make sure that all keywords are bucketed into one campaign(with just one max CPC bid) because otherwise Google might not show up your ads due to too many different bidders at once resulting in poor Quality Scores.

For example: I create a new Branded Keyword Campaign called “Mobile Phones” where my Ad group contains relevant keywords like iPhone X, Samsung S12+, Best Mobile Phones etc.

A targeted branded keyword campaign has direct high specificity, higher CTRs hence higher conversion rates.

How to get Higher Search Impression Share to beat your competitors in the auction + Get More Conversions

What Is search impression share?

Search impression share is a metric which tells you how often your ads show up when somebody searches for something on Google.

For example, if google shows an ad to an audience 100 times, and if we were to take 34% impression share, we would appear for that specific keyword 34 times. The higher the search impression share, the more real estate space you as the advertiser occupies on the search rankings, leading to more clicks, visibility and potential sales.

What factors affect your search impression share?

It’s important to find out if people searching for your competitor product or service are seeing YOUR ad and vice versa. You can check this by going into the Keywords tab in google ads, then clicking Search terms > Impression Share report .

Many factors affect search impression share including the size of your brand, overall online presence and most importantly how well you are competing in terms of cost per click (CPC) with other advertisers.

For example, if somebody is bidding $15 for mobile phones on Google Adwords then it will be difficult to beat that price because they already have a high Quality Score(QS). You can however win their auctions by increasing your bid or creating ads that stand out more than the others.

Another factor is your ad rank. Ad rank is determined by your ad quality score multiplied by your CPC bid, hence in order to get a higher impression share, your keywords should align directly with the content of the landing page, and it is in your best interest to improve the relevancy of the landing page to the actual keywords that are being searched for.

For example, if you see that a lot of your customers are converting for the search term ‘glass fishing rods’, you should try to sprinkle this keyword into the landing page that you’re driving traffic to. Photos and videos on the page itself should also have this ‘glass fishing rod’, customers will stay on the page for a longer period of time, leading to lower bounce rates.

Google sees these signals as positive signs that your keyword is hyper relevant to the search intent and will give you a higher search impression share.

How to increase search impression share with SKAGs Keyword strategies?

SKAG(Single Keyword Ad Group) is a powerful tool that allows you to group keywords into one ad group, thus creating even more relevant ads and landing pages.

Ads with high search impression share tend to outperform those without because Google algorithm favors these types of ads as they are seen as highly relevant therefore resulting in higher CTR .

For example: For the keyword ‘iphone x’, I can create an adgroup called Mobile Phones which contains all my mobile phone related products like iPhone X, Samsung S12+, Best Phones under $1000 etc. Then for each individual product I would be able to target multiple different advert variations. These advert variations should contain only the most important information about the specific product or service being advertised.

Let’s take for example an ad group called ‘Best Phones under $100’. The title of the ads would be different, but the description and display url will remain as consistent as possible throughout these keywords because Google Ads algorithm places a lot of weight on CTR(Click Through Rate) when determining your Quality Score (QS). This means that if you have multiple different titles it can lead to lower impression share than just having one single keyword per ad group.

The SKAGs strategy is a time intensive, manual process because you are launching many ad groups to hyper specific keywords, but it is incredibly effective in getting crazy CTRs and hyper profitable ads for your campaigns.

Normal Search Ads target keywords like this:

‘Fishing Rod Online’

‘Buy Best Fishing Rod’

SKAGs ads would target keywords like these:

‘Best Fishing Rod In New York City’

‘Fishing Rods that help to catch tuna’

‘Recommended fishing rods for professional fishermen’

More specific, less search volume, but less competition.

More profit!

Creating Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart shopping campaigns is an automated way of bidding on keywords that your business is likely to be found for. You can set up an automation campaign in Google Adwords and it will bid high enough so you are more likely to show up at the top of Google’s search result (SERP).

This is really helpful because even if you don’t have the time to optimize your campaigns manually, Google does it for you. This type of campaign also allows you to avoid bidding wars and other unnecessary competition that can drive up costs.

Create a smart shopping campaign by following these steps:

Select ‘Show search ads’ in Ad Group Settings -> Advanced settings Enter all relevant keywords Hit save!

Now hit schedule at the top right corner so google follows your budgets! Now go get some sleep or try out new ideas on how to grow sales with paid traffic.

Manual Bidding Vs. Automated Bidding

Manual bidding campaigns are great for scaling your eCommerce business, especially when you have a good understanding of what keywords these ads should show up on and the target CPA that needs to be achieved which in turn will help with ROAS.

They also allow more flexibility because Google Adwords allows us to set different bids per keyword while an automated bid campaign does not let any manual changes happen unless we pause it first then edit through their interface until our desired results are reached again before resuming operation back where they left off from before pausing date.”

If this blog post helped you please share it with others who might benefit from it as well. I would be forever grateful 🙂 Bye for now! Have an awesome day ahead guys!!

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