Marketers spend thousands on ads to acquire customers and having a solid email marketing plan ensures you get the most out of your buck.

Thankfully, most businesses in today’s digital climate know the importance of email marketing. A good email marketing strategy can increase revenue by up to 30-50% if done right. The best part is, the email list is forever yours, and you’re not paying platforms!

No business would like to miss out on that ROI.

Why read this article?

In this article I would like to give you the basic automated email marketing flows that your business have to implement:

  • Welcome Sequence
  • WinBack & Repeat Purchase
  • Post Purchase Sequence
  • Abandonment Flows
  • Welcome Sequence

This is the flow that will play out for people who opted into the email list through your site. Usually, they opt in via a pop-up on your website, giving them a discount in exchange for opting into the email list. Pop ups only work well if it truly grabs attention, and this can be done with a strong incentive like a discount. Personalization can also help increase conversion rate, but that can be implemented after you get the basics. Sumo research the average conversion rate of a pop up is 3.09%, while the top 10% have an average conversion rate of 9.28%, so take note when building a pop-up.

A general gist of what the welcome sequence needs to achieve is:

  1. To provide offers/ cross sell other products that they might buy. Basically get them to buy by offering them limited time only discounts. Scarcity will be used here with other psychological triggers.

  2. Educate them on the brand plus customer engagement. Engage the customer with surveys and provide content to educate them on the product/service/niche. Also if you have exclusive loyalty programs, events or inner circles, it’ll be considered as customer engagement as well.

Gallup research states that “Fully engaged customers are 23% more likey to spend with your brand compared to average customers”.

3. Send them whatever bite-sized content that you think will benefit the customer.

Educational content, like blog posts or podcasts can be summarized into bite sized and sent to your customers via emails.

The point of this welcome sequence is to entice the customers who have bought to buy, or to entice those that bought to buy again. Offering discounts too frequently may be seen as being thoughtless and can destroy brand image and the price integrity of the product/service. Only offer discounts once every 2/3 educational content that provides value to the customers. Also if they don’t buy after getting the discount and after reading the educational emails, offer them a higher discount with scarcity.

  • Winback & Repeat Purchases

This series of emails are targeted to people who purchased, but has not purchased again in 60 days.

Only include someone into this list if they placed an order zero times since starting this flow.

The following will be the general sequence for this flow:

Day 60: Convert non-buyers by offering them a 10% discount for all products. Make sure that the email states the reason for the discount, it can be there are new product launch hence a limited time only discount.

Day 62: Create scarcity by giving them their last chance to get the 10% off, entice them to act fast.

Day 70: Give them a free shipping offer

Day 72: Free shipping offer reminder

Day 90: Up the discount to 15% off and expiry date is the day itself. Tell them that this will be the last discount they’ll be receiving from the email flow.

  • Post Purchase Sequences

Acquiring the customer is the first part of marketing. The purpose of this email flow is to give your customer the best experience after buying from you. The goal is to have your customers be so satisfied with the product and service that they’ll be more likely to buy from you again, or spread your brand through word of mouth. The sequence goes like this:

  1. Thank you email – after purchase

Thank your customer for purchasing from you. This can be done via many ways, but the most effective way is via video form. You can promote other channels you have such as your social media. A facebook group is a must-have if you want to build a strong knitted community. Interact with your customers, provide them value and also give your customers group-only deals, so they feel that they feel a sense of exclusivity.

Boombcindyjoseph does this so well: https://www.boombycindyjoseph.com/pages/special-video-message-from-cindy

  1. Review Generator

Incentivise the customers that bought from you with discounts or freebies in exchange for a testimonial or review. These video and picture testimonials are huge user-generated assets for portraying social proof when creating content or creatives for facebook/instastory/pinterest ads. You can even build a system to upload good reviews on social media and stack it up to build social proof for your brand organically, this is too powerful.

  • Abandonment Flows

Cart abandonment email flows are the most effective way to not leave money on the table. There are plenty of factors that come into place as to why cart abandonment occurs. Customers could have found a better or cheaper option, or they could have went off to do something more important at that moment in time. Each customer is different, and the goal of this flow is to personalize these cart abandonment emails. This can be done with simple reminders, and end off with a discount when they still do not buy.

The sequence can go like this:

4 Hours: “Your order is still open, finish it before we run out of stock.”

24 Hours: “Last chance before your cart expires”

Day 2: Give 10% discount with content asset. Ensure the content includes social proof, brand education, and establishing authority.

Day 3: Give 10% off for all products

Day 4: If the customer still isn’t convinced, it’s time to pull out the social proof card. Educate the customer with a story on how the product helps solve the problem and have live testimonials.

Day 6: Final reminder for the 10% coupon code.

All these email flows can be done via automation – klaviyo, mailchimp, etc.

Thank you for reading through the end!

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