Hyros is an analytics ad tracking company that helps marketers and advertisers to more accurately track their paid advertising campaigns.

Hyros, most formerly known as Markethero, is developed by billionaire advice guy Alex Becker. Hyros serves some of the top names in the marketing industry, with companies such as Clickfunnels, Kinobody, Billy gene is marketing and other info product gurus using the product to help solve ad tracking attribution.

When is HYROS effective for your business?
You might want to consider using HYROS when you are spending a significant money on paid advertising every month and if your revenue is closely tied to the performance of your campaigns. The difference

How much does HYROS cost?
At this point, HYROS will cost a 4 figure + investment and they have varying structures in order to cater to the enterprise. You cannot buy HYROS off their website as you do need to talk to their salesperson.

OXG Media is an official HYROS agency partner and some of our clients use it.

If you want to see how HYROS works, click the button below to see it for yourself and book a demo with their sales team for quote.

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