How do you not hire an expensive copywriter and write 10x faster blogs posts for SEO for your eCommerce store?

You have to use AI copywriting tools in order to do so.

Of course, there is still some human involvement here keep in mind, but you’re going to be seeing results much faster.

To prove it to you as well, from this paragraph onwards, we are going to use Jarvis.AI tool in order to write this blog post.

———–Everything from this point onwards is created by the software + minimal human involvement ———

You Want To Write Blog Posts For eCommerce SEO But It Takes Too Much Time

When you start a blog for your eCommerce store, there is one thing that you will notice: It takes time to write amazing content.

Not only it takes hours and hours of writing in order to make something great out of it, but usually, what comes out doesn’t look pretty good at all because it’s not SEO optimized the way that you want it to be.

This is why many stores stop blogging completely or hire expensive copywriters – they know how much work has to go into writing blog posts and don’t want to spend time doing this, nor do they think their team can do this either.

What if I told you that Filipinos are some of the best content writers on earth  They have excellent English skills and don’t even speak it as a native language, that’s why they’re able to understand the concepts of your products or services much easier.

This means that you can use them for writing articles about your eCommerce store, product descriptions and so on. This also means that you should either hire Filipinos in order to take care of this part of your business or outsource this job somewhere online.

The latter is always better because the payment is done through UpWork platforms and it’s completely transparent – people get paid for their work.

To prove it to you as well, from this paragraph onwards, we are going to use UAWork platform in order to hire a Filipino copywriter for our blog posts that we want SEO optimized.

—————————-End Of AI Generated Text ——————————–

Can you see how you can outsource your eCommerce SEO easily?

The paragraphs above were smooth, grammatically correct without spelling error and were generated in about 3 minutes. It would have taken a real copywriter almost 15 minutes to do the same task.

What software is this? How can I do this for myself?

The software i use is called jarvis.ai, formerly known as conversion.ai.

What is jarvis.AI / Conversion.AI?

Jarvis.AI is a software that makes it easier for you to write blog posts and high quality content for your eCommerce store or any other kind of business you might have.

Think about it this way: You write very general topics from the topics list on the left side, add some keywords related to your niche market and then add a few more details on how these keywords should be used in the text itself.

The next step is going through the generated text and picking out certain sentences, adding links where necessary so Google can pick them up as well.

It will take you less than 5 minutes to generate a blog post that is ready to be published, but if you add some more details on top of it and some nice images, I can ensure you that people will love reading your content.

How long does it take for the software to do its thing?

It depends on what you feed the software with. If you write a general topic from the topics list on the left side and add a few keywords related to your niche market, then this process takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute in order for Jarvis AI tool to do its job.

If you want high quality results, then there’s going to be some human involvement involved here – writing about different topics, adding more keywords and also having a keyword difficulty score. The more you as the human guides it as feeds it information on what you want written, the more accurate the output would be.

AI scientists call this ‘garbage in, garbage out’.

So how much does this cost?

Jarvis AI costs $150 per month or $15 per blog post.

Jarvis AI starts at $150/mo With an unlimited amount of content available to you, Jarvis is the perfect solution for your every content need! Get Started Learn More

How many blog posts does it do in a day?

If your writer can use the AI fast, it can pump out as many as you want. It took me maximum 45 minutes to complete this article which is over 1,500 words long.

Why should I use Jarvis AI instead of hiring someone who would charge me $100-$200 per article? [SEO Optimization]

Number 1: You don’t have to pay them weekly/monthly because when you start using jarvis.ai, the payment is only once per month and it will help you generate more content faster than any blogger or copywriter on Freelancer would be able to do.

Number 2: You’re able to have multiple writers on 1 account. Meaning that you could technically hire 3 x human writers, but because the output of jarvis is so good, you are technically producing almost 9 x human writers worth of work in a day.

Number 3: Jarvis AI does not require any prior knowledge about SEO nor blogging. The process is very easy – the tool is fed with keywords which are then used to generate text that’s rich in meaning and context.

How does the AI use the keywords given to generate the blog post?

Jarvis uses 100s of high quality niche relevant phrases in order to write your blog posts for you. This means that when search engine crawlers crawl through your website, they pick up on all the niche phrases so every phrase counts when it comes to getting ranked.

Are there any restrictions when using this software?

There are no restrictions when it comes to using Jarvis AI, however bear in mind that the more complex your articles are – the longer it might take for them to be generated by our software.

If you want to try out jarvis for yourself and your eCommerce store, please go here to check it out.

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