Using Hyros Ad Tracking Software For eCommerce

Hyros is a comprehensive Ad Tracking software that can be used for eCommerce. It offers features such as powerful reporting and analytics tools that can help you track your sales and performance over time that can help you manage your online store effectively.

It does not matter whether you’re using Shopify, Magento or woocommerce, HYROS syncs with all of the major CRM providers.

The Problem With Ad Tracking Attribution In eCommerce

There are a lot of problems with Ad Tracking in eCommerce, especially because only 8.3% of online shoppers trusted ads as a source of information about a product or service. This is one reason why it becomes harder for business owners to determine which ads perform the best and how much revenue they generate.

A customer may see an ad on facebook and ignore, then see the same ad on youtube and decide to click on it. After they have gone to the site, they may not have purchased anything. Only after 3 days, they may have thought of the brand again and decided to search for its name on google.

Hence, in the information age many eCommerce brands have to do omni channel marketing and delayed attritbution is why marketing campaigns are not linear anymore.

With so many marketing channels available such as…

  1. Google / Bing Ads
  2. Facebook / Instagram Tiktok Interruption Marketing Ads
  3. SEO
  4. Press releases or PR
  5. Joint venture collaboration between multiple companies
  6. Review sites and affiliate marketing websites
  7. Email marketing & SMS retention marketing
  8. Real life retail marketing

HYROS allows you to track the customer at each step of their customer journey.

A purchase may not look like this anymore.

FB Ad –> Purchase

The eCommerce customer journey may look something more like this.

FB Ad –> Google Ad –> Watched youtube video about product –> Email –> Purchase

This is where HYROS really shines as it is the only ad tracking software that can show you how the journey looks like.

Who in eCommerce is using HYROS?

Publicly, lots of eCom store owners won’t want to tell you that they are using HYROS. But publicly according to HYROS.com website, a major eCommerce agency like Shopanova is using HYROS as well.

If you see the internal HYROS facebook group as well, there are a ton of marketers in the eCommerce space actually using the software but they just publicly say it.

Key Features of Hyros eCommerce Tracking Software:

Hyros Ad tracking software can help you implement organized and organized campaigns on various social media channels, for different categories of products. Some of the key features of Hyros include:

• You can set up lists that can offer highly granular targeting on more than 200 channels and social networks and track them effectively across some of the most popular channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

• The platform provides control over your budget with real-time data so you need not worry about your campaign becoming out of hand or going out of sync while managing several campaigns at once. It also offers insights into trends in sales by channel to help you make informed marketing decisions.

You Can Make Better Marketing Decisions With Hyros

• The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for you to manage effective cross-channel campaigns and track their effectiveness through in-depth insights into the performance of your social media campaigns. You can also create reports that can help you compare data from a campaign with historical data to better understand its performance over time. This way, you will know what is working and what is not when it comes to your marketing efforts.

You can use Hyros Ad tracking software for eCommerce across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Google Shopping etc. Among all these, Facebook offers excellent options promote your products with highly targeted ads.

If you want to see how to use HYROS for your own eCommerce brand, click the link below.

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