Hyros is an analytics tracking software company. We use it for some of our clients in the eCommerce and info product/coaching space. We are here to give a review of the software.

What is Hyros?

Hyros are a company that focuses on Analytics. They track and measure the success or failure of various marketing campaigns including email, websites, social media and more.

It also has an extensive customer database with detailed information about clients for those who want to do more in depth analysis of their customers.

How does it work?

The software follows each individual user across all devices they use—mobile phones, tablets PCs and desktop computers —to build up a complete picture of their behaviour online. This data can be filtered by location; device type; browser used among other variables as needed so you have full control over your analytics data at any given time.

This gives businesses unprecedented insight into what their customers are thinking, how they behave and what makes them tick.

What can we use it for?

The software is mainly used to track the success or loss of a marketing campaign by following your customer’s behaviour online and on different devices as well as which page they click through to see if they buy anything from you.

It also gives insight into who might be an ideal target market that would want your products/services so companies can focus their efforts in those areas rather than wasting money elsewhere.

This saves time but also helps give more accurate results because concentrating all resources on one particular niche will produce greater returns while spreading yourself thin across several markets may not do very well at all with any of them.

It also has some other features including tracking of web activity across devices, tracking website visitors and customers and seeing the customer journey of the buyer.

What is the price?

Hyros pricing starts at $399 a month for small to medium size companies with an annual contract while Enterprise plans are available as well. This amount is can go up to $1k, 2k, 3k per month dependent on the revenue of your business because…like a smart business owner would, Alex Becker charges on the value of the service.

Just to let you know, Hyros normally bills the client 12 months in advance, so for example if they charge $2k per month, they would usually want you to pay upfront but this could have changed since.

The reason why is simply — so that the cash ROI on their ads payback.

They also have a 90 day money back guarantee, so if you do not make back your money or see an increase in your ad ROI, you can ask for a refund which they will honor.

What type of businesses can use HYROS + Who can benefit from them?

We found Hyros to be very useful when we used them on some clients who were in eCommerce or info products/coaching space because they allowed us more insight into our clients’ behaviour online which gave us better results than using other tools that only tracked social media accounts where people might not even buy anything from you anyway!

eCommerce businesses use HYROS because:

  1. Very reliant on ads to acquire customers
  2. Omni channel traffic channels

Businesses who acquire customers using High ticket phone call funnels use HYROS because:

  1. It is extremely hard to track conversions on your ad manager when the sale happens when a salesperson is involved to close the lead.
  2. High ticket phone call funnels usually have long sales cycles, so being able to track the customer journey over long periods of time and touch points across multiple marketing channels is important.

We would recommend this software if your company does any type of paid marketing including facebook, google, snapchat, tiktok ads, email marketing.

What revenue mark do you have to be to use HYROS?

Generally smaller companies do not need to use HYROS. I personally would recommend that if you are making at least $50k per month and planning to scale up your ad spend, and that you have omni channel ads running to your offers, only then should you use HYROS.

Anything below that amount, you will probably not see the value of cross channel omni channel marketing.

If you are running any high ticket call funnels, where the conversion or sale comes from a salesperson closing over the phone, HYROS is suitable for you as well as the ad data cannot fully track where the sale came from.

Who is the CEO of HYROS?

The CEO of HYROS is Alex Becker.

Who are HYROS’s competitors?

A few of their competitors are Wicked Reports, Google Analytics, IBM Media360 and Adobe Audience Manager.

How long does it take to set up HYROS?

Setting up HYROS takes about 30 minutes for small companies or a couple hours for enterprise level corporations who want more detailed analytics.

What is the return on investment (ROI)?

The ROIs vary depending on how much you’re spending per month in marketing etc but we found that with some clients, after just the 1st 1-3 months they were able to make back what they had invested.

Sometimes this number can go higher if your company has multiple channels like social media management and SEO where there’s not enough time to track every

How do I get HYROS?

You can get hyros here.

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