IOS14 for facebook ads is here.

But if you thought that Tim Cook and Apple were only going after facebook for this privacy update, you’re wrong.

Apple is going after all the other tech platforms in the space of digital advertising. Everybody who runs a programmatic advertising platform has been affected by this update.

Pinterest, Tiktok, Linkedin and everything that tracks users across apps is going to be affected.

So why should advertisers be afraid of this update?
Apple has many devices out there in the wild and usually the people who actually own Apple devices have purchasing power. With mobile devices actually taking 90% of the website traffic, the purchase conversions that come from consumers are usually Apple users, purely because — they have money.

I don’t see a world where Apple is going to revert back to a world where they openly share user data and that means advertisers, small business owners like us just have to adapt.

What does less data tracking mean for our advertising campaigns?
Less data just means that the targeting on the ads are going to be inferior and so people who are interested in a topic are going to be seeing less relevant ads.

How do we combat this?

1. Our copywriting needs to be much better, with targeted customer personas and direct response more important than ever to attract the correct customer to the correct site

2. Creative is going to be even more important, and a good creative is going to hook people in

3. Having other channels to spread your message, not 100% reliance on facebook

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