Alex Becker is a popular name in the world of business. Many people are looking for information about Alex Becker scam or not, but there are very few resources to get satisfied answer. Here we present all facts which will definitely help you to come on decision-making point whether Hyros is legit software or another Scam!

First thing first – let’s find out who is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker – Founder & CEO of Hyros Software LLC

According to official website, Alex started his career as an entrepreneur at age 17, building & running several multi-million dollar businesses since the 2000s. He specialises in info product funnels and eCommerce and has done over $50m+ online.

Why do digital marketers need HYROS?

Hyros help marketers in following aspects:

  1. Hyros tracks advertising data attribution across platforms, so that you know exactly which ad is actually responsible for the conversions. This is tracked over platforms like google, facebook and tiktok ads so that marketers are able to make data driven decisions on which campaigns are performing, giving the marketer much better visibility on which ad sets, marketing angles and copywriting actually converts customers profitably.

  2. Hyros keeps all marketing data in one place. Instead of finding advertising data spread out over the various ad-platforms, HYROS brings it all together allowing you to see everything you need to know about your advertising accounts, so that marketers can take action on this information without having to jump between different apps and dashboards.

  3. Ad Revenue is a function in Hyros Software which calculates how much money your Ads made for you over a specific period. You can add any amount of ads from any platform or website with just One click and it will automatically calculate the ad revenue generated from these ads. This feature allow marketers to easily estimate Ad earnings before actually reaching the bank account.

Why do eCommerce companies use HYROS?

Define eCommerce companies: Entrepreneurs who sell on Shopify, clickfunnels, magento, woocommerce etc. They can sell either physical or digital products.

Hyros provides an all-inclusive view of business data, apportioning the real revenue from each channel to ensure that you are making decisions based on solid information. Hyros makes it easier for eCom marketers to track what’s working & improve conversions so they can achieve better results.

This is especially useful because eCommerce funnels are usually omni channel atttribution dependent. You might be running facebook ads to get cold traffic and Top of funnel traffic, and then retarget on youtube, google display and other channels, hence mixing up different data sources.

Being able to identify which campaign specifically is producing conversions keeps you clarity, and you won’t make the mistake of turning off the campaigns with a 5-10x ROAS.

Why do info product marketers and lead generation funnels use HYROS?

Businesses doing lead generation and high ticket courses use HYROS because the conversion of the customer usually happens over the phone/zoom call and not a direct checkout like an eCommerce funnel.

Because of this, it is very hard to attribute which campaign produced which lead/customer. HYROS is able to do this because they are able to pull purchase data directly from stripe and identify which campaign produced which customer.

Now you know the utility of HYROS software, why is there so much hype/hate for it?

Alex becker is a loud mouth marketer that runs ads very aggressively. This is opposed to other companies in the ad tracking space who do not advertise very aggressively using paid media. Because of the recent resurgence of HYROS and aggressive ad spend, HYROS has been taking up a lot of market share of the other players in the space like redtrack or segmetrics.

Why is HYROS growing so fast?

  1. Becker spends a crazy amount of paid ads to acquire customers. Another reason why HYROS is probably the target of a lot of other companies is because of jealousy and because of their ‘fast success’ is because he has flooded the market with his ads. Despite only officially launching in 2021, HYROS has grown its customer base much faster than its competitors.

  2. The other reason is also because Alex Becker is friends with a ton of other marketers, famous influencers who also have large followings in the online space. This allows becker to leverage his networks in order to acquire new customers. A few of Alex’s friends include Russell Brunson, Billie Jean, Shopanova eCommerce.

  3. Lastly, let’s not forget that HYROS is just a well built software. They have a strong engineering team, strong product and no brainer refund guarantees with their customers. Any business who can guarantee results to their customers and delivers will grow fast through word of mouth.
  4. As opposed to other ad tracking competitors, HYROS was built for the digital marketer and its UI is significantly easier to use compared to the rest.

So…the question stands…Is HYROS a scam?

No. The HYROS software is not a scam. It helps online businesses heavily dependent on paid advertising and websites with a lot of traffic help with conversion attribution.

Lots of companies in the internet marketing, eCommerce and ‘legitimate’ SAAS companies use it.

However, it certainly is NOT for everybody.

Who should not consider HYROS?

  • Anyone making <$30k/pm should not use it. It’s not worth the money if your revenue is too small.
  • Anyone who has barely any traffic and data onsite.
  • Businesses who do not have a consistent track record of revenue yet.

Who should consider HYROS?

  • If you spend a significant amount of money on ads per month
  • If your business is very dependent on ads for acquisition of the customer
  • If you are running omni channel paid ads strategies

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