Jarrick, Singapore

Working 9 to 5 as his main clinic business turned eCom entrepreneur

Jarrick is an engineer by trade who runs a clinic helping others with their scoliosis. He wanted to pivot into an eCommerce model because of the inability to do business physical locations because of COVID, then went on to go from $0 to $100k in cash collected in his 1st 30 days.

Jarrick has always wanted to do branded eCom at scale, but despite doing his kickstarter and hiring an independent media buyer at the start, he was literally burning cash at a 0.3x ROAS. After he started implementing what we taught him, Jarrick was focused, heads down and started executing.

His conversion rates increased across the board, when ad spend increased, he was printing paper on command. Despite pressure from family and having a kid, Jarrick put in the work, got the results he desired. Congratulations to Jarrick, he absolutely deserves his succcess.

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