What Is Chronos Agency?

At Chronos Agency, they build custom email lifecycle marketing programs for eCommerce brands.

Their team of qualified in-house strategists, designers and engineers work with our clients to design email campaigns that fit their brand’s tone of voice and deliver results to their bottom line. 

Do you want to make your email marketing agency campaigns successful? Make the emails personal. When you send an email, it should feel like you’re talking directly to the recipient. This operation is something that Joshua Chin knows too well.

Joshua Chin also knows how to make the most of his email campaigns. Not only does his company create personalized emails, but they also ensure that their email campaigns are well-timed and relevant to their recipients.

Also, If you want to be adept at email marketing, the Joshua Chin email marketing success story is a great place to start!

Who Is Joshua Chin, Founder & CEO Of Chronos Agency?

To begin with, Joshua Chin never wanted to work in the corporate industry after school. So when he was 18, he started selling products online. And, It was during this time that he first made money online. However, his eBay business failed, and he realized the dangers of relying on one platform.

He looked into other options to make a quick comeback but to no avail. No sooner had he spoken with his mentor than he discovered the real reasons behind his setback.

“I realized the reason why I failed in so many things was due to focusing on the wrong things and spreading myself too thin.” He said.

Joshua reiterates that most professional business owners never took email marketing seriously. The majority believed in the use of templates and frameworks to write emails. In truth, they had complicated email marketing to a large extent, while in essence, it is pretty simple to write emails. 

This motivated him to learn copywriting, digital marketing, and, most importantly, email marketing.

 I fell in love with email marketing.’ He says. 

After completing the lessons mentioned above, he decided to do email marketing for other e-commerce brand owners, and that is how Chronos Agency was born. 

The agency’s main objective was to build successful email marketing programs for e-commerce businesses that did not have the know-how.

Chronos has since become one of the leading email marketing agencies in Singapore.

The agency has employed expert digital marketers who know what they’re doing. And they can help businesses create successful email campaigns that will reach their target audiences.

For more details on how Chronos Agency began, watch the following video.

Chronos Email Marketing Agency Services

Chronos Agency offers a range of email marketing services to help businesses grow. They can help design and send emails newsletters, create targeted email campaigns, and track the results for clients to see how well their efforts are performing.

The email marketing services are tailored to every business’s needs. Additionally, the team of experts work with clients to develop a strategy that aids in helping clients achieve their desired goals and reach their target audiences. 

Chronos agency also provides 100% outsourced services, DIY or email marketing strategy guidelines. 

Contact Chronos agency today to learn more about their email marketing services, or visit their website to get started with a free consultation. 

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Chronos Agency works with over 200 e-commerce clients despite the points mentioned above. Most of these clients achieve a 20-30% boost in email revenue. Likewise, most clients enjoy an average of 35X Return on investment. 

A case study is given below as an example of many other success stories.

CISE Case study

Clothing line CISE launched their brand with a pretty powerful idea. The company’s main objective was to voice those people society had ignored. CISE was using powerful messages through their clothing.

Unfortunately, the company’s email revenue was around 10% of the total revenue. And for sure, the company needed an automatic boost.

CISE then partnered with Chronos Agency to scale its business and reach out to its target audience. As a result of partnering with Chronos Agency, CISE not only met its email revenue goals but exceeded its target. 

CISE’s email revenue skyrocketed to 30% of the store’s revenue in four months.

But what did Chronos Agency put in place to help CISE achieve its goals? Below are some of the strategies

  • Advanced retargeting and subdivision
  • Consistent A/B testing on campaigns
  • Strategic planning of Content Calendars and campaigns every single month
  • Copywriting that observed CISE’s brand voice and tone.

CISE’s achievements in the long run

  • 10% increase in click-through rate
  • 350% increase in revenue per recipient
  • 800% increase in Email revenue

Where Is Chronos Agency Based?

Chronos Agency is based in Singapore & Malaysia.

Types Of Clients That Chronos Has Served In The Past

Chronos has served a variety of eCommerce businesses, notably Davie fogarty’s The Oodie, Vince Wang Internet marketer’s gift eCommerce business, ForChics, CISE, The Beard Struggle, CISE, Skoop, Happi Teeth, Pupnaps, Truly Beauty and also the Tan Brothers dropshipping business.

Speaking at Affiliate World Conferences

Joshua also spoke at affiliate world conference about eCommerce and email marketing before COVID hit. If you wanted to watch his talk, you can check it out here in this youtube video.


Joshua Chin recommends the use of Email marketing to help build relationships with customers rather than simply trying to sell products or services alone. 

By providing valuable content and staying in touch with your customers, you will create a strong bond with your customers, and this operation will have a positive impact on your business. For instance, your business will experience a tremendous increase in sales in the future. 

He also endorses email marketing to test new ideas and products. This is a critical way to gauge interest in new products and determine whether they are successful. If there is sufficient interest, businesses can develop them further.

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