What is Madgicx?

MadgicX is a new software that you can use to advertise your business. It is a platform that helps business owners save time and money while advertising their businesses on social media. It integrates your ad account and media buying so that you’ll never have to deal with time consuming ad management again!

What will MadgicX do for me & my eCommerce business?

You’ll get access to a platform that allows you to media buy, with highly advanced techniques so that you’ll be able to pick the best performing ads without having to spend so much time trying to dig into the data.

MadgicX is still highly integrated with the Facebook Ads & Google Adsplatform, so if you are running traffic on either one of these platforms, you might want to consider using it for your eCommerce store.

What type of eCommerce store should use MadgicX?

If you are generating <$50k/pm with your eCommerce store, you should not consider using the software. The software is really only useful when you are running high budgets, and having a ton of photo and video creatives to test.

This is because the software itself has separate pricing that scales with traffic and if you are spending low budgets, there isn’t much time savings that you will be receiving really.

Which type of eCommerce store needs to use Madgicx?

A typical ‘perfect client’ is eCommerce stores who are generally selling consumer facing physical products. Generally, physically products require a lot of testing in the ad creatives and having the ability to test 100 different variations at one shot is where the power of madgicx shines.

Who is currently using Madgicx?

According to their official website, MadgicX is used by many famous marketers and big eCom brands such as Ben Malol, Adis Pez, Philipp Schoeffmann, Mutesix, mindful marketing, Dimniko agency and others.

How does it work?

It’s easy and simple to use: just choose the kind of ads you want to create and set up your campaign. Then, MadgicX will find all the best performing ad spaces and you’ll be able to start running your ads in no time!

It sounds easy – but anyone who has used the Facebook ads platform knows that it is very difficult to see which ads are performing/not performing.

MadgicX simplifies that!

What makes madgicx unique?

Unlike most advertising platforms, madgicx is a self-serve platform that allows any business owner or advertiser to advertise on social media without having to go through long processes or waiting on customer support. It’s perfect for small businesses with limited funds but looking for exposure.

Where is MadgicX based?

MadgicX is created by Yahav Hartman, an entrepreneur who have a combined experience of over 10 years in the advertising industry. MadgicX is based out of Israel.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion: Should you be using MadgicX to run your eCommerce ads?

If you are running ads on Facebook or Google, then yes – you should consider using MadgicX. It will help simplify the process and save you time while improving your ad performance. However, if you are running a small eCommerce store with a limited budget, then MadgicX may not be the best option for you.

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