How Paul and Will 10x'ed from 20k/pm to 200k/pm in 3 months

Paul and will, from Australia were doing $20k/pm with their commerce business and were still working full time. They were able to make sales but never able to breach beyond this level as it was not profitable to do so. Their tight margins prevented them from scaling further without sacrificing profit.

Within just 2 months of the program, Paul and will were able to increase their conversion rate and increase average order value, which allowed them to spend more on ads, scaled from $20k to $140k PM and worked a lot less because of less volatility in their advertising process and delegation of work to a team. This allowed them to automate 90% of their business while they’re able to focus a lot more on strategy and putting people in place to execute. By acquiring the actual skill of paid traffic, they’re able to build a real company that generates them cash flow at will.

‘Really good SOPs to follow and moulded to the best landing pages, at the start we were basically guessing. Conversion rate skyrocketed which allowed us to spend a lot more on ads. Cutting the learning curve helped us better understand what is the messaging we want to get across which was the most eye opening thing that brought us to $100k+ months’.

Paul and Will are successful because they took action on information paired with an open mind and good attitude, they deserve every ounce of their success.


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