I can’t believe when people say that Facebook advertising does not work. The numbers speak for themselves. 

So I will ask them, how long have you been running the campaign for? What type of objectives did you run? Did you split test? Have you created your lookalike audiences?

Here is a hyper profitable Facebook ad campaign that my agency ran for one of our ecommerce clients in the fitness niche. They are a local brick and mortar business in Singapore that sells packages ranging from $400-$1000. 

‘Oh, I watched a Youtube video and did the location thing’.

If you have done ecommerce before, getting someone to pull out their wallet and pay for something online for $50 is actually quite a difficult task, so when we were getting results like this, we wanted to share some of the strategies that we used that you can pick up as well.

Every ad account is different in Facebook’s eyes, so we chose to give broad strategies that you can use potentially use in your business to make a lot more money. 

Facebook Advertising Strategies 2019

Here is a summary of the points in the video:

  1. Test, all the time.

There are always plans and strategies in advertising. But you never really know what will work. So test everything. Placement, Audience, Creative. Do your due diligence. Find out what works and allow Facebook’s fantastic algorithm help you make more money.

  1. Optimise Data. 

Allow the data speak to you. After launching your ads into the world, allow the algorithm to work in your favour. Although you may be unprofitable at first, allow the data to run and assess from there. If your ad sets are still not profitable, kill those ad sets and turn it off. Increase your budgets on those that are working. 

  1. Optimise Media

As a millenial myself, when I scroll through social media, I am quite disgusted by the type of ads people put out to their audiences. Marketing agencies/Companies straight away go into selling their product. It disrespects the sales process. Its like walking to you on the street and asking you to pay me $500. Insane. Always cultivate your audiences, build rapport and create relationships. It may be a more expensive type of advertising in the short run but hyper profitable in the long run. Build, Give, profit. 

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