Steve and Evan Tan, form the duo of brothers in the eCommerce space. They are famous for pulling in up to $300k per day using the dropshipping business model and have done these numbers entirely bootstrapped and without any investors.

Yeap you read that right… $300k in a single DAY.

Steve is a veteran in the eCommerce space and has been dabbling in it since 2011.

Lots of other top internet marketers such as Maxwell Finn, Ezra Firestone and Alex fedotov are connected to him and are good pals. As a high level eCommerce entrepreneur, his business runs multiple eCommerce businesses at the moment.

How did Steve get his start?

Steve started when he was in university and started selling things online in eBay, he pivotted into building a watch brand which bled money as his business partner scammed him. After that public failure, he dabbled in many things before coming back to eCommerce.

With his connections in China with reliable suppliers, Steve was able to amass a $100m revenue fortune and built an empire selling products using Shopify and facebook ads.

Nowadays, he is running multiple businesses such as Intercart.io which is a Shopify app, runs multiple eCommerce businesses in western as well as COD markets and is an investor.

He has been invited to speak at many conferences including Affiliate world conference, Payoneer events and other top Internet marketing conferences.

Does Steve own eCommerce brands or just dropshipping?

As mentioned multiple times in interviews, Steve and Evan use dropshipping as a cash flow business model to produce crazy amounts of profit in cash flow which allows them to invest into creating sustainable brands.

“Milk it till its very hard” is what he said in an interview with Alex fedotov.

Steve also partnered with the dropshipping company WIIO which has been the backbone of their fulfilment operation.

What else does Steve Tan Do?

Steve is also the owner of the eCommerce elites mastermind facebook group which has over 100,000 active members on facebook.

A massive community of eCommerce entrepreneurs who are selling on Shopify, WooCommerce and other platforms is very powerful as he can launch eCommerce related businesses off the back of it.

What type of digital advertising does Steve use?

Steve mentioned in a conference in 2019 that the majority of the traffic still comes from facebook ads, with some of the revenue coming from other channels such as snapchat, google and tiktok.

Steve is reported to have generated and sold over $100m in revenue online through all of his businesses combined.

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