Entrepreneurship is taught through experience.

And Tatiana James is one very astute and business savvy women who has grown her ecommerce brand from NOTHING to a juggernaut in the women’s beauty over the years – the best of all, she has used organic traffic channels to grow her personal brand and her ecommerce brand, without paying facebook a dime in advertising.

Why should you read this article?

  • We dissect Tatiana’s traffic strategies and how she makes $6,000 per day without paying for advertising

  • We breakdown Tatiana’s content on her youtube channel

  • We breakdown Tatiana’s grew her facebook group to grow a loyal fan base for an ecommerce brand

LuxxCurves is the e-commerce brand that entrepreneur Tatiana James has built from scratch. She has developed an avid following and loyal fan base of repeat customers by leveraging youtube content, a facebook group and very solid internet marketing fundamental in email and omni channel amazon/shopify sales approach.

Even though waist trainers are a commodity and a product that anybody can private label and brand, Tatiana has been able to stand out from the crowd by putting herself out there through video content and organic search – bringing her sales without even going into paid advertising.

Tatiana’s #1 Traffic Strategies:

The most admirable thing about the LuxxCurves brand is that Tatiana created her 1st major traffic source – Youtube, entirely organic from scratch. Any content creator on youtube knows you need extreme consistency in qualify and content to grow your audience on Youtube…

And Tatiana, within a short 4 years time, has grown her youtube channel to an impressive 158,000 subscribers. There have been also 2 videos over the years that have grossed over 1,000,000 in views, bringing tons of eyeballs and potential customers to the Luxx curves business.

Even though a lot of companies do not usually succeed on growing on Youtube – just because its expensive to produce high quality video content, Tatiana is extremely smart because she understands consumers on Youtube rather see a real and relatable person promote and demonstrate a product rather than corporate advertisements.

The relationship and ability for Tatiana to show the product on video makes for very powerful conversion mechanism and I a sure Tatiana has a high conversion rate on her shopify store as well.

Although the Luxx curves brand sells on shopify, Tatiana has also put her products onto amazon as another way to monetize the product. She explains in one of her videos that amazon was her 1st POS (point of sale) for her products, and then she diversified into Shopify as a secondary way to really build the brand and more importantly – her email list.

Something amazon does not permit.

This is extremely smart because any ecommerce brands who has an email list has a buildable asset and direct access to its customers, instead of entirely focusing on selling on a sales channel where you don’t even have direct access to the customer.

How does Tatiana create content for e-commerce?

The viral videos that have generated the most views for the luxx curves channel centre around the questions that customers potentially may have about the product.

For example, Luxxcurves produced a video called ‘How long until you see results waist training?’ – a question that customers may ask as part of the FAQ. Instead – producing a video that addresses this objection is a very smart way to increase conversions.

Additionally, Tatiana also has a “Waist training 101 guide The ultimate beginners guide’ video that is a perfect example of how to use customer success and product demos to sell the product. In the video, Tatiana show show to actually fit on the waist trainer, how the product looks when the person wearing it spins around, giving the audience a 360 view of the entire product.

Furthermore, there were several models who tried out the product in the video, showing that different people can experience success with the product, giving people a lot of confidence that it may work for them too.

Because the product essentially promises the customers that by using it, it reduces your waist size and gives a slimmer profile, a lot of the thumbnails of the youtube video are also ‘before-after’ result type of images, making it very attractive for people to click on it and increasing the click through rate of the videos.

Ok – so now we know Tatiana creates fantastic video content – but how does she translate that to sales?

In the product description of the video, Tatiana leaves the link to the Shopify store so that people can click on it and buy the product if they were interested. From there, Luxxcurves also collects email addresses with the Wheelio app so that they continuously engage these prospects with further content and email marketing.

In the process, Tatiana has created a very strong moat for her ecommerce business simply because when people buy the Luxx Curves waist trainers, they are not only buying the result of a slimmer waist but also the relationship and rapport that Tatiana has built with her videos over the years.

On the site, in her recommended products and collection pages, she is also the main model with her products, hence giving website visitors and her subscribers the confidence that Tatiana represents the brand and not just some company controlling the backend.

The more viewers see Tatiana’s face, the more they trust her word and her products.

I believe the best thing that Luxxcurves has done is to incorporate the youtube videos that they produce as conversion assets for the brand that they can use forever – something other ecommerce waist trainer brands cannot steal.

How does Luxxcurves use a facebook group to extend customer LTV/engagement and build a loyal following?

Unlike other brands who have not cultivated genuine rapport with its customers, Tatiana also frequently promotes her facebook group – the community of ‘Luxx Curves Waist Training Dolls’ as a private, close knit family.

At the time of writing, the facebook group has over 19,000 people and is growing, with 2000+ people joining in the last 30 days or so.

Although I have not been accepted into the group as of yet, I definitely would assume Tatiana uses this community to hold events such as:

  • Live Q&A calls

  • Exclusive product launches and promotions

  • Additional resources that customers get to achieve success with the product

Creating a very strong and loyal customer base will generate repeat purchases, extending the customer lifetime value and building an even greater moat for any ecommerce brand.

Although Tatiana is the CEO and the face of the brand, she constantly includes other people as part of the ‘community’ in the images that she uses, reminding people that the Luxx Curves is more than just a company selling products online — it is a community and a movement of women.

How has Tatiana been so successful in doing this?

I would think Tatiana would agree that although all of this sounds great on paper – the amount of hard work and consistency to building her e-commerce empire day by day has been challenging not because of the work, but the ability to show up every single day and grow the business.

Be it through creating content, dealing with suppliers and stock or managing staff.

It is extremely admirable that even from 2016 till now, she is still constantly invested into growing the youtube channel.

Tatiana is a prime example of an entrepreneur who understands what needs to be done and puts in the work. From her traffic strategies to her content marketing prowess to her savvy as a businesswoman, there is something to learn from Tatiana and her ecommerce business Luxx Curves.

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