The ultimate guide to creating a winning eCommerce video ad

If you’re in eCommerce, videos are the most important when it comes to advertising and is the single most important deciding factor for a winning or a failed ad.

As you know in 2020, facebook ads are a very competitive and congested marketplace. The thing that makes you a step above others is having a really high converting creative that touches on the pain points of your customers, and getting them to pull out their wallets. That is the key now in 2020.

Why should you read this article?

  • Where and how to get content
  • Writing a highly converting video script
  • Types of content to produce

Where to get content

When it comes to eCommerce product videos, there are generally three options available. The norm is to scrape videos off youtube and facebook and use it in your creatives without the owner’s consent. That’s what most eCommerce Brand Owners who are starting out do. However, if you don’t want to have any risk of copyright infringement on facebook, these 3 are the least costly and quickest methods to getting content for your product.

  1. Supplier videos

If you have a specific product you want to find video content for, searching it on aliexpress/ taobao pages is the most common method. Simply type in the product name + aliexpress on google and you’ll be greeted with pages upon pages of videos made by different suppliers.

 Not only are these videos safe to use, you can contact the supplier to provide you with more videos. Of course, only choose ones that are of good quality and appropriate for your script.

  1. Instagram influencers

For certain products, influencers are the absolute way to go as they have experience making videos for the niche/product. A good example would be the beauty and makeup niche. Reach out to influencers on instagram or youtube and explain to them the kind of content you need. It won’t be for free, but you can negotiate a much lower price if they don’t post it on their feed. 

It depends on the product, if you see a good product to influencer fit, it may be a good idea to arrange a collaboration where they post on their feed as well. Note to avoid influencers with management, and target those that are small to medium sized followings.

7 figure hair epilator brand HeySilkySkin does this really well.

  1. DIY/ fiverr gigs

A good creative doesn’t have to be super high quality, in-house production with rendering, etc. It can simply be an unboxing or an iphone video just talking about the product. These videos boost brand trust and authenticity. People sure can relate with someone unboxing and showing off their new gadget! If the product requires actors, reach out to friends and family to find people who can help you model.

Magnetking’s videos above are shot with an iphone and not really HD, but they’re still raking in millions of views with those types of videos. This is a testament that you don’t need high in-house camera equipment to create a winning ad creative. Their videos are straight to the point and simple to recreate that’s why I think it’s a great example.

You can also look to fiverr to find an actor that fits your requirement, send them your product and have them model for your product. Usually you can find good deals on these freelance sites, some even do the editing for you. Get a variety of different actors and clips to test it out. Best case is to have the raw files so you can use them to craft the perfect ad later on.

Writing a highly converting video script

The goal of the captions is to give the audience a clear understanding of the product, how it solves the problem while without being too wordy. So simple, short and easy-to-read captions which switch up every 4 seconds works the best. 

Basic guidelines to follow:

  1. For the scroll stopper, you can choose to grab the viewer’s attention with social proof; “Everyone is talking about the magnetic eyelash!”, ”People are obsessed with the tummy tuck pants”” 


how your product solves the problem; “Stay fit anywhere, anytime with the resistance bands kit”, “Keep your dog hydrated with the portable pet bottle”.

  1. Show the pain point and how it solves the problem.

  2. Show social proof, add reviews or testimonials at the ¾ section of the video nearing the end.

  3. End the video with a call to action, something like “Order yours today by click the link below”

  4. Always refer to the brand or product as a third person’s perspective so that it seems like a viral video that people like to share instead of an ad.

  5. Last but not least, the captions should always match what’s going on in the video. 

This is an example of a great video caption, which followed everything I outlined in the guidelines.

Types of content to produce

To craft the winning cold traffic ad for your product is not that complicated. The goal is to have the viewers buying on impulse.

However, It’s crucial to understand the psychology of a customer, they’re not on facebook with their wallets out and ready to make a purchase. 

So how do you convert them into buyers with just 40-50 seconds? 

To get regular people scrolling facebook to buy, you need to talk to the customer’s pain points and desires, while being engaging and not boring them. What works best are what we call Buzzfeed styled ads. These types of ads always start with a scroll stopper, followed by the pain point, and how the product solves it. Make sure to always include social proof and your own brand’s flair/vibe in the ad. Or else it’ll just look like any other buzzfeed styled ads.

Tips to follow:

  1. High color contrasts on thumbnails scroll-stoppers
  2. Fast paced – scene changes every 4 secs
  3. Ideal length is 40-50 seconds

Examples of brands that do this well include:


 Each scene has a clip of different influencers, and they execute the pain point, and social proof into all their TOF cold traffic ads. For warm traffic, they retarget audiences with 15 second clips of different influencers using the product, showing them going from shabby to neat with their hair finishing gel. So simple, but effective.

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