What is Wicked Reports?

If you’re running an online store, then you need to be using Wicked Reports. It’s one of the ad tracking eCommerce softwares on the market, and it will help you to track your sales and conversions in real time.

With Wicked Reports, you can see how your campaigns are performing, and make adjustments as needed in order to improve your results.

How Does Wicked Reports Work?

Wicked Reports integrates with all of the major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Once it’s set up, the software will automatically track all of your sales data based on your paid advertising camapigns.

You can then use this data to create reports that show how your marketing campaigns are performing.

What Kind of Reports Can I Create With Wicked Reports?

Wicked Reports lets you create a variety of different reports, including:

-Campaign Reports: See how your campaigns are performing and make adjustments as needed.

-Conversion Reports: See which of your pages are driving the most conversions.

-Product Analysis Reports: See which products are selling the best, and adjust your inventory accordingly.

-Customer Analysis Reports: Find out where your customers are coming from, and what they’re buying.

How Much Does Wicked Reports Cost?

Wicked Reports has a variety of pricing plans, starting at $199/month. However, they offer a free trial so that you can test out the software before you buy.

*Keep in mind they may or may not have updated your pricing after the time of writing.

Is Wicked Reports Worth the Money?

If you’re serious about running an eCommerce business, then you NEED to be using Wicked Reports. It will give you the tools that you need in order to run your campaigns more effectively, and grow your sales over time.

How To Give Wicked Reports A Try?

  • Head over to wickedreports.com for a free trial .
  • Integrate their apps into your Google Analytics account.
  • All of your data will then be tracked in real time by Wicked Reports.

Note: Keep in mind that the software does not track data retrospectively. It means that data in the past (before the software was installed) is not entirely trackable.

What does Wicked Reports Specialise In?

They specialise in 3 different types of customers:

  1. Pure eCommerce stores (Straight to conversion Shopify)
  2. Lead generation and subscription type businesses
  3. Information, Courses and info marketers

The Debate Between Wicked Reports & HYROS

“Ad tracking software is like blood pressure cuffs for your business. It’s a way to see what’s going on without having to guess.”

-John Jantsch, Founder of Duct Tape Marketing

When I went on sales call with their sales rep, the wicked reports rep told me that their software was made by a data scientist and their data is more accurate than HYROS whereas HYROS Is made by a marketer so in terms of UX/UI wise, HYROS performs better.

HYROS is operated by Internet marketing legend Alex Becker and so the number of customers that HYROS has is definietly more and the software is marketed as ‘more user friendly’.

In either cases, it is best if you are able to see a demo of the software that you are purchasing before actually making a decision.

Who is the founder of Wicked Reports?

Scott Desgrosseillier iss the Co-Founder and CEO of Wicked Reports. He is a data scientist with over 20 years of experience in data analysis and software development. He has helped companies such as Google, Netflix, and Oracle to optimize their data operations

Scott worked as companies like Motorola, Low entropy systems before starting wicked reports. The company is now based out of Boston according to his Linkedin profile.

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