?‍♂️From starting to learn digital marketing back in March 2018, burning my own money and falling flat on my face…

?And ACTUALLY testing theories to find out what ACTUALLY works, instead of just following what ‘gurus’ say.

…To now helping other branded ecom owners with their marketing, thankful to be in the position I am in and actually making…

MASSIVE impact for the people and businesses that I serve, these are some of the things I would like to share/give back to the community (whatever you want to call it).

?[Screenshot is this past Q4 – proud of how we helped scale from 5k to 100k+ PM, although we ran out of stock hence the scale is not smooth and consistent]

These are actual things that I learned by putting in real ad spend behind the things I say, so I have data to back it up too:

?#1: There is no such thing as a winning product
For branded ecommerce at least, if your product has a USP, there is no such things as winners and losers. Its really about the ad angles that you test out and hypothesising what works and what doesn’t.

If you are selling skin cream just like any other brand, think about what do customers care about?
-whether the cream helps my skin
-whether other people have used it successfully
-Don’t complicate things

❄️#2: Nailing down COLD Traffic acquisition
For anyone to grow their company, you need to be able to convince people who DONT know you at all to convert, after that anything on Retarget would be UBER-profitable. For me, I set a benchmark of >2x ROAS on COLD, and if we can hit this, I know I’ve got a comfortable margin to scale hard.

Anyone can run full funnel retargeting, but after talking to so many ecom store owners, the ONLY thing they struggle with is really just getting COLD traffic acquisition profitable. This is the hardest thing EVER. But if you just focus on solving your most difficult problem, you’ll realise everything just comes so easy.

?#3: CREATIVES > Complicated CBO, Ad Buying
I feel so many people focus on the wrong things. What CBO strategy are we using?
Honestly, (nobody is saying this, im not sure why, but its not even THAT important), but it doesn’t matter.

Having neatly organised ad structure and scaling SOP systems are great, but if you fundamentally don’t understand why your customers buy your product, then you would have loss 1/2 the battle.

Focus on creating highly converting ads that resonate with your audience, and go back to the fundamentals of marketing, sales and psychology, persuasion.

Another question I often get as well: What budget do you put your CBO at?
To me, if you’re not spending at least $1k per day, don’t even bother with CBO. If I spend >1k$ per day, only then do I go into CBO. I feel FB AI doesn’t optimise well for CBO for anything below a $500 budget on 1 campaign.

?#4: Stop Looking at your ads
Ironic right? We are all in the media buying business, but I’m telling you not to look at your ads. If you have a store yourself, don’t run ads by yourself. HIre someone if you can. I have talked to countless people who make this mistake.

Then I realised a pattern – its like day trading.

The more you touch your own ads and spend your own money, you are emotionally attached to the result and cannot make rational decisions.

The more you look at the stock market and check bloomberg, the quality of your decision just deteriorate.

By doing this, I also focus a lot more on FULL FUNNEL, CRO and crafting video ad scripts that convert, freeing up my time for higher value tasks and generating great results.

Before running ads, I will always ask clients what their profit margins and breakeven numbers are. Then I know how hard we can push with ads, and what will break profitability.

I was talking to a dropshipper and asked him about his numbers which he could not tell me.

So….before coming out to the battlefield, I would have already beaten him, just because I did my homework and I know eg. I can spend up to $40 per CPA, but your enemies are just ‘guessing’ and cutting ads early.
Hope that analogy makes sense.

?‍♂️I would be very happy to answer any questions that anyone has.

?The online community and people in the facebook groups have been very generous with their information and knowledge over these years and I want to give back the knowledge I have learnt.

?Ask in the comments below!

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