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How we help our client scale from -$5k/pm to $100k/pm in 30 days, then doing $1m in 57 days, then doing over $1m/pm, completely bootstrapped

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DEFINING ECOMMERCE: If you sell something online and your customers transact with you through a checkout page without any involvement of a human being, you are running an ecommerce business.

STEPS: Watch the video in full, see some case studies, click the button below to fill out your application. Jump on a zoom call. Buy, implement then change the trajectory of your life forever.

Jonathan Ng, OXG Media

Please watch the video in FULL on desktop, book a call, buy and change the trajectory of your business forever.

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These are the results you are looking for & numbers don't lie

Alex went from burning cash at -$5k/pm to $100k/pm within 30 days, then scaling aggressively to doing $800k/pm, $1m in 57 days

Alexander is an ecommerce entrepeneur from USA who was already in business for 10 months prior to us meeting. He launched his product on kickstarter quite successfully raising about $500k in the process and launched to great fanfare. However, despite 10 months in they could not sell any product to people ‘outside the hype kickstarter community’ and sales just plummeted to doing $5k/pm but unprofitable.

In the 1st 30 days, we took them from burning cash and unprofitable at $5k/pm to $100k/pm within 30 days. In between the following months, there were supply issues where fulfilment could not catch up to sales + the rona situation just exacerbated everything. Supply couldn’t catch up with the demand.

Once there was sign of light with stock incoming to the USA – we started scaling and did over $800k/pm and over $1m in 57 days. In total we helped Alexander go from struggling, unprofitable venture to $2.6 million in sales, turning around the business and making a pre-tax millionaire.

Alexander E. California, USA

Branded Physical Product eCommerce entrepreneur

Allen went from $0 standstill to $1m in 5 months, $500k months & $50k days

Allen is a veteran online entrepreneur from USA who in the online space and who himself has ran ads for his former boss’s companies who were selling online course together with a physical product line up. In the past few years, he himself could hit $500k months by himself.

However with his new venture, he hit a roadblock and was finding a solution urgently. He had managed to hit $60k/pm by himself but suddenly his ads were all not converting, ad performance fell off a cliff and the ship was just going down. Ads became unprofitable, CPCs were shooting through the roof and literally did not know what was happening. This would be the worst nightmare for any business relying on online channels to make sales. By pushing more ad spend, he was literally getting diminishing returns and seeing red across the expense column and cold campaigns just went flat.

We helped reposition his entire offer to sell to a broader audience, helping him improve his conversion rates and started to scale once again. From there on, we helped him to scale to $1m in 6 months and doing a $500k/pm and high of $55k/day in November, stabilising his business and in the process making him a pre-tax millionaire.

Allen S.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Digital Product + Info product funnel business

Change the trajectory of your business today

Ryan Went From $0 to $1m in 11 months, 15x ROAS

Ryan is an entrepreneur from USA who was selling denim clothing brick and mortar supplying to the B2B industry. He was already established in the offline world as he was already in business for approximately 7 years. He quickly pivoted online and managed to get some success and initial traction himself as he moved his customer database online.

We scaled the company from $20k/pm to doing $100k/pm consistently on very profitable margins. Most recently they we broke through the $150k/pm in Nov 2020. We’ve also started selling to the B2C market to increase the reach of the customer base. Even though B2C has a lower margin in general, the business is able to diversify its risk by doing so.

The business is now very stable and has since started selling to countries outside of the US as well including Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada (top 5 western countries).

Ryan F.
Brooklyn, USA
Transitioned from offline to online business
Already 20+ years in apparel business before online
Physical product eCommerce

Emma Went From $0 to $100k In 16 Days

Emma is an absolute STUD entrepreneur from Australia who was previously in real estate as an agent. She already had a separate ecommerce store running but needed help to launch a new one.

With a completely clean slate and new offer – With all the fulfilment ready for her new brand – we managed to scale a brand new offer of hers from $0 to $100k within the 1st 16 days of business. Momentum died off after that – sadly – because of some manufacturer supply raw material issues inability to fulfil.

Emma C.
Brisbane, Australia

Real estate agent turned Dropshipping transitioned to branded physical product eCommerce entrepreneur

PAUL & WILL - Went From $20k/pm to $195k/pm within 3 months, then $1m in the following 7 months

Paul and will, from Australia were doing $20k/pm with their commerce business and were still working full time. They were able to make sales but never able to breach beyond this level as it was not profitable to do so. Their tight margins prevented them from scaling further without sacrificing profit.

Within just 2 months of the program, Paul and will were able to increase their conversion rate and increase average order value, which allowed them to spend more on ads, scaled from $20k to $140k PM and worked a lot less because of less volatility in their advertising process and delegation of work to a team. This allowed them to automate 90% of their business while they’re able to focus a lot more on strategy and putting people in place to execute. By acquiring the actual skill of paid traffic, they’re able to build a real company that generates them cash flow at will.

‘Really good SOPs to follow and moulded to the best landing pages, at the start we were basically guessing. Conversion rate skyrocketed which allowed us to spend a lot more on ads. Cutting the learning curve helped us better understand what is the messaging we want to get across which was the most eye opening thing that brought us to $100k+ months’.

Paul and Will are successful because they took action on information paired with an open mind and good attitude, they deserve every ounce of their success.

Paul N. & Will W.

Working 9 to 5 while running a part time eCommerce business

Sverre Rn 6x his revenue, increased margins and doing less to hit $50k/pm

Sverre is an ecommerce entrepreneur living in Norway doing about $8-10k/pm before he came into the program. He has struggled to scale the business because of fears of selling to such a small market – but we convinced him otherwise that he could do it.

After implementing our strategies and pointing out his mistakes, Sverre’s sales are much more consistent and 3-4x more without even increasing his ad spend. No more roller coasters, up and down days and constantly stuck to their computers to deal with facebook everyday. He now works less than ever while increased profitability has allowed him to buy more stock and get important liquidity in to build his team so he can automate even further. Now Sverre is doing $50k/pm.

Sverre has since then even opened his 2nd ecommerce venture selling branded iPhone case in addition to this store.

‘The way you broke down traffic, was really effective to understand how it works. You solved 50 problems for me. Now the average is just every single day is good, my sales are 3-4x without even scaling hard, however it so hard to get merchandise, this is not even representative of how good it is.’

Sverre R.
Oslo, Norway

Branded eCommerce physical produce entrepreneur

Change the trajectory of your business today

Aether Went From 9-5, then Retrenched To Doing $500k his 1st year of business

Aether is a working professional from Singapore who worked in retail for 30+ years. He wanted to stop and create a business for himself and started to sell products online. Before coaching him, Aether did not find much success, spent about $500 to no avail and was very scared to move on.

After diligently implementing our strategies, Aether started getting just an influx of sales and scaled very quickly to his 1st $42k month. He then proceeded to buy stock and really established a long term business and has automated 90% of his business. He now works less and only manages the ads because he enjoys media buying.

Despite being ‘older’ than other entrepreneurs, Aether had a lot of odds stacked against him. No ‘formal university degree’, no experience with tech, not up to date with relevant skills into days marketplace. Aether was successful purely because of his work ethic and willingness to learn and deserves 100% of his success.

‘I myself was struggling with Facebook and instagram too until I met Jonathan and followed his strategy. I saw a massive lift on my store and managed to scale from $0 to $80k within 90 days’.

Aether O.

Working 9 to 5, part time started eCommerce, retrenched then went full time physical product Branded eCommerce entrepreneur

Zwe went from 0 to $500k in his 1st 6 months In Myanmar DESPITE military junta rule, national turmoil and the Internet shutting down

Running eCom in itself is hard enough. Wait till you hear Zwe’s story.

Zwe is a former agency owner turned full time eCommerce entrepreneur. If you want to talk about someone who has the GUTS and a hard worker, look no further than Zwe. Living in Myanmar, despite rule of law and democracy, national protest and national turmoil, Internet bans among other things, Zwe STILL managed to make over $500k in the 1st 6 months of his business and runs with a company of 21 people.

Within just a few months, Zwe managed to ramp up his eCommerce store and consistently doing 8-10x ROAS overall with a cash on delivery model. The reason why the standard eCommerce checkout model is not available for Zwe is because credit card penetration is not as advanced as in countries like the USA but he still made it work.

Today, Zwe plans to scale his team, especially when the Internet comes back online in Myanmar but also diversify into International markets to diversify his risks.

Zwe did the work, got results he was looking for and he deserves every ounce of success he enjoys.

Zwe Htet A.

Former Agency Owner Turned Full Time eCommerce Entrepreneur

Alan went from nothing to hitting his 1st $10k/PM online while working full time as an accountant & juggling new dad duties

Alan is a full time accountant and proud new dad from California, United States. In 2020 his pay was reduced by his company because of the rona situation and wanted to find a supplementary source of income by selling online. Because Alan only had 3-4 hours of free time per day because of juggling 9 to 5 + taking care of his daughter whilst trying to learn, Alan tried selling online some bootleg ‘neck massager product’ and loss money just by trying to run his ads alone.

He was struggling to get any sort of consistent sales and seeing no profit, looking around for the next ’tactic’ and even getting scammed by a ‘guru’ online, hence he was even hesitant to join the program. However, literally just days after the program he started getting sales, relieved a lot of financial stress and did his 1st $10k month. Because his product is seasonal, the experience has taught Alan the skillset and it now confident enough to pivot to another product to scale to the big boy numbers.

‘Week 1 was mind-blowing, was worth the money right there, I was doing things just wrongly. When you show us the correct way to format a product page that sells, what you teach and what I did before was 180 degrees. It just makes sense and moved the needle for me. Product page lesson was 100% what gave me the success I have today.’

Alan C.
California, USA

Full time accountant & dad learnt eCommerce entrepreneur & Agency owner

Charlie went from trying everything and not finding success to doing $100k In just 3 days, total $400k on 1st store

Charlie is an ecommerce entrepeneur from El Salvador was literally trying to do everything. He was extremely motivated and ready to take action but simply did not have a clear direction on what steps to take to get results. Once he settled on fixating on his ecommerce business, giving him the exact roadmap of what to do, he started running traffic and sales just flooded in.

He went from dong $0 per day to $30k a day. In total he grossed over $400k in a 2 month time span. Absolute madness! But to be fair Charlie was selling gym equipment during this time and he caught a trend but the business slowed down over the next few months. He has since opened another ecommerce business in the jewelry niche as well and is doing very well, diversifying his business and building long term sustainable brands.

Charlie S.

Trying to do everything chase affiliate marketing to branded physical product eCommerce entrepreneur

Michael went from Absolute $0 to 1st $2000/day, Business been stagnant for 4 years prior

Michael runs an ecommerce business but in the day time he’s actually a shipping consultant in the bay area but has since created a company creating standing tables in their local workshop. In the past 4 years before meeting them, they tried to do SEO organic search and managed to do only about $5k over a few months. Stagnant growth + unpredictable cash flow = Very shaky business

Because this is just his side hustle, Michael as the solo founder cannot invest a lot of time into growing the business. After working with us – we went from $0/day to their $2000/day within 2-3 weeks of testing. The issue is that because production of the product is all custom, the business can’t scale as quickly, but with the new liquidity Michael has since been able to hire, reduce down COGs and grow the business from there.

Michael G.
California, USA

No to little sales 1st 4 years in business, branded physical product eCommerce entrepreneur

Adam went from high CAC and super tight margins to increasing his business by 93% to making $967k this year

Adam runs an ecommerce business in the UK where he sells mid to high ticket beauty and cosmetics equipment to the B2B market. Because of the high COGS, his CAPEX was very high and buying inventory also meant that cashflow was very tight. He was already running ads and doing SEO simultaneously when he came to us but because the margins were just so tight, he was making sales but not a lot of profit.

After implementing our bulletproof landing page strategies, he managed to translate that into higher conversion rates, which made him so much more profitable and reducing his CAC. Like a lot of our clients, just by fixing his marketing, Adam could spend a lot more on the frontend and increase sales massively. He went from 500k from the year to almost doubling to $967,000 for the year, despite the setbacks with Brexit and some shipping issues. 

When you can fix your marketing and make sales to literally INJECT more liquidity into your business, you’re not afraid anymore. You can sleep at night. Not only that, our ads are stable and last evergreen so you don’t need to be like a hamster constantly churning out new ones like a mad man. Because you know you can literally turn on the ads like you can turn on the tap to print dollars.

Adam W.
Mirfield, UK

Branded physical product eCommerce entrepreneur

If you could just scale revenue whenever you like...what would that do for you?

Do these things sound familiar?

1. You want to scale but need a partner in crime who can help you take you to the moon.

2. You can’t keep up with the ads, may have difficulties with scaling, you just want to focus on other parts of the business.

3. You need to attend to the customer so that they get the best experience with you brand and repeat purchases come in.

4. You’ve tried scaling but everything just comes crumbling down and you’re not able to scale profitably.

5. Your internal marketing team/advertising guru is not getting results and you want someone who has actually done this many many times to come in and take over. You’re sick of people who just talk and want to level up now.

The worse thing is actually these issues you’re facing aren’t even money related, these issues are actually:

1. Preventing you from actually having a life and having sleepless nights worried about your business

2. Have more free time to yourself

3. Preventing you from actually working on what you ACTUALLY love to do in your business

Money can’t solve everything, but sales and liquidity sure can resolve financial distress and give you peace of mind.

Imagine if you just had the blueprint to scale your business at will and predictability…

And that you had a team that was a partner in crime, a team you could rely on, pushing for you everyday to get the results you know you deserve.

A team that you can rely on so you can actually do what you enjoy in your business. Be it designing products, talking to your customers and more.

I would like to now invite you to book a call.

Click the button below and it will be redirected to a form and you can pick a time on the calendar so we can get the chance to personally diagnose your situation.

What you’ve got to gain:
Absolute clarity on your situation, on how to scale and infinite upside on how we can help you get to the moon. If you have any burning questions, feel free to ask as well.

We’ll tell you exactly what to fix, and yes if we think we can help you, we want you to become a client.

What you’ve got to lose:
Lots of wasted time trying to find a partner, who…

1. Doesn’t have the results, the experience
2. Probably doesn’t care too much about your success.

Or if you try to scale yourself, you may even waste lots of money in the process. The worse thing that can happen is not even money related, it’ll be the emotional torment you’re going to have to go through trying to ‘figure it out’ for weeks, months?

That is absolutely NOT worth the time.

Hop on a 40 min call, we can diagnose your issue on the spot and let’s start scaling.

It shouldn’t take you YEARs to get you to the $xx,xxx,xx mark, really.

Solve your problems now and let’s get you the results you want. Our best clients are action takers.

Click the green button below and book a call.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Jonathan & OXG Media Team

Change the trajectory of your business forever

And many more...

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And many more...

$100k/pm on 61x ROAS

Facebook Marketing Agency Partner

Here's Proof We Have Spent Tons Of Money On Digital Advertising As A Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner

It's About Time You Make The Type Of Money You Know You Deserve

We Serve Customers From Around The World

How The Mechanism Works

SCALE, At Will, Today

There are no ifs, buts, or whens. You’ll have a clear and proven plan to get from wherever you’re at to multi 7 figs. If you execute correctly, you can get to 8.

No such thing as ‘We HOPE to be at $x in y months’, its going to be ‘We’re currently crossing $x and will do $x’. When you have a clear and predictable plan to scale, you only got more ‘lucky’ because you’re taking action on a plan that actually works and is market validated.

Check your stripe dashboard, payment processor, it should be going up and to the right.

Create A Cash Producing Monster That Terrorises Your Competitors

Fix your AOV, tighten up your entire funnel and offer, plug the leaky holes in your bucket.

Then scale aggressively. You’ll be able to lay down $3000/day campaigns without even batting an eye.

When you are top dog in your industry, you attract so much attention in the marketplace that your competitors don’t dare compete with you.

Build Your Foundations From Templates Backed By Millions In Ad Spend

Landing page templates, how to craft offers that actually sell and suck in sales, email marketing templates to boost your profit margins, SOPs on everything, how to hire, how to get influencer and content, process logic flows on how-to for ads decision making, everything. Given to you.

Just plug and play. Take action, then scale.

All given to you. The only thing stopping you?

Your execution.

Get Over The Shoulder Help With ZOOM Coaching

You’ll probably need help when you start implementing. Get access and advice for your sake. Open up your ads manager, funnel and let us help you diagnose your issue on the spot. Get solutions on the spot so you don’t have to spend anymore agonising months trying to figure it out.

Feel free to ask anything. Make friends with other eCommerce entrepreneurs. We also have a licensed CPA in the group on standby to help you with your tax/accounting in case you have any questions so that you are compliant with sales tax etc.


How the accelerator's mechanism ensures students are successful by validation and using the full funnel approach before even spending a single $ in advertising

We give you a full breakdown of how multi 7 figure campaigns are run. EVERYTHING — the exact ad copies, exact targeting, exact creatives, exact landing page and price points. Having gone through many courses, they NEVER reveal their stuff. And especially for beginners, they will never be able to understand how to get to a certain level if you don’t know how 7 figure campaigns are run.

We hit the ground running with the meat of the content so you can understand how the full funnel looks like from birds eye view, in the following modules then we teach you how to implement the nitty gritty.

Here we breakdown paid advertising, how the advertising game is played and how to structure the funnel. We also introduce core concepts and terms so you can understand all the lingo and language in the later chapters.

Here we teach you how to find your customer persona through existing datasets, researching more about the customer profile and finding their deepest darkest fears.

Here give you templates and calculators to ensure your fundamental pricing and business model can even be profitable in the 1st place. Before blowing your money and spending a single $ on advertising, verify the unit economics of the business. Due diligence pays.

We teach you how to write copy here. Copy can change the entire trajectory of your business. It’s the lowest cost, highest ROI thing to do. You’re struggling to make sales now cause your copy is off and not resonating with the people you want you want to serve.

Here we show you what additional pages need to be onsite, and just ensure your platforms and analytics are tracking fine to prep for your paid advertising traffic.

We also give you plug and play, landing page templates of 8 figure brands so you can straight up copy to fit your own brand.

Here we teach how to media buy + the fundamentals that come with a new skill.

Here we teach you how to get to your 1st $1k/day, $5k/day, then show you behind the scenes of how a $1m in 57 days and how $50k/day looks like and how to replicate it.

Here we teach you to be omnipresent and essentially, the only option in the marketplace to your competitors.

After scaling up with paid traffic, here we teach you how to use email to retire. With templates, plug and play scripts and worksheets all laid out for you.

Here we teach you how we personally, hire, fire, project manage and create a system and team of operations that does the work for you. So you don’t need to actually be doing the work, but still collecting the cheque.

The shortest module of all, here we show you how to extend that LTV and build a community of people to increase more sales and drive further bottom line.


The OXG Media – Marketing Accelerator is a 16 module full comprehensive program that ecompasses ALL of the learnings we have learned as an agency, with millions of dollars of ad spend put behind it, into a program that turns absolute NOOB beginners, founders and CEOs and even advanced marketers from zero to mastering digital marketing.

If you come into the program and have not hit 7 figs per year, we will try to help you get there as fast as humanly possible and you are EXPECTED to get there.If you are at 100k/pm, you are EXPECTED to try to scale to 300k.

If you are at 300k, we expect you to scale to 500k/pm.

If you are a beginner, we teach everybody fundamentals because they give you a strong foundation and a tangible skill set you can use for the rest of your life.

If you are already successful, we help you optimize your funnel and make it tight, plug loose holes so you can drive more traffic and drive more to the bottom line.

In the program, we don’t teach tactics, we teach fundamentals and skill acquisition so that you can make money in any economy, under any market condition.

We will help you scale as fast as humanly possible to help you dominate your market.

Once you finish the program and understand the system you can expect to see results, with implementation within 30 days on the low end. However, not everyone is so disciplined and hardworking and a reasonable time frame to learn, implement, test then scale is about 90 days.

(Provided you are hardworking and actually implementing of course)

Designed for people running ecommerce.

Define ecommerce = any business which accepts a transaction online, meaning your customers have to put in a credit card/debit card into a checkout form in order for the transaction to occur

Can be:

  • Physical products
  • Digital products (if you sell online course, anything <$2k)

If you are a:
– Branded ecommerce store owner

– Dropshipper needs to transition to branded ecom + already HAVE strong fulfillment

– You sell digital products over the internet

If you are in these roles:
– CEOs

  • founder/entrepreneur
  • marketer/growth marketer
  • People aspiring to start and scale an internet business

Successful students and perfect customers all have this common trait:

  • Open mindedness
  • Willingness to try and put in the work,, imperfect action takers
  • Long term focused
  • Focused on skill acquisition, not money
  • Persistent to keep trying
  • Willing to accept advice from other people
  • Celebrates and learns from other people’s success

Unsuccessful students all have these characteristics:

  • Consumes the content but never takes action on it
  • Blames others for their shortcomings
  • Quits after a few tries
  • Inability to focus and implement
  • Scarcity mindset = reluctant to contribute and share information, time

Paid advertising, also known as programmatic media buying in the industry, is just 1 of the core skills that are taught. This program covers that, but more importantly it covers how to craft an offer.

Being able to SELL online is a skill – because no matter what industry you go to in the future, you need to be able to sell, especially if you are a CEO, founder or want to be making the big bucks.

Working with us is not the cheapest thing in the world, but considering the strategies have been tested over millions of ad spend put behind it + worked on multiple 7 and 8 figure brands, the ROI is hilariously high.

You will basically know how to get to a mill a month on this.

If you are starting out, this is suitable because we show you how to get from no revenue to profitable sales then you optimize from there.

However of course, those who already have existing revenue and a real business who is already producing cash flow will see much faster results simply because they already have the infrastructure in place.

Our perfect customer for the accelerator is for someone who is interested to scale up what they are already doing, has the ability to do so and have the intent to do whatever it takes to get results. No bullshit, just put your head down, implement and get results.

If you’re the type who wants the quickest most sure fire way of success and knows that buying a program like this is not an expense, but an investment that produces a hilarious ROI for yourself, you’re the perfect customer because we know you will do whatever it takes to get results.

However, if you’re the type who is stingy over pennies and dimes, wants the results but always blames others, wants the results but does not want to spend money to get to the next level to invest in yourself, we honestly do not want you as a customer, please do not book a call.

A step by step training program that will get you the results you actually are looking for, stop wasting time taking knowledge from fake gurus.

I’ve bought other products in the market before and they never show you the ‘HOW’, they only tell you the ‘WHAT’ which was incredibly frustrating. They also never show real life case studies to help students visualise what successful campaigns look like.

Also ALL of our SOPs and plug and play templates that you literally copy to your business then tweak to fit your brand.

Over the shoulder look into your account over zoom calls, so we can help diagnose your situation if you encounter any problems when implementing.

We send you a physical gift delivered to your address as a guide to how to do decision making as well.

There are multiple assets and a lot of information from real world case studies. Also, all of our SOPs are our intellectual property.

If you have a solid fulfillment base (physical product) that can deliver products to your customers. Because we are expecting everyone in the program to immediately start scaling, you definitely would want to have fulfillment to implement the strategies.

Digital products (shouldn’t be an issue).

We do market validation and research BEFORE even running any ads. You also ensure your price points and message sentiment is aligned with the sentiments of the market. Meaning that you ensure that there is market demand in the 1st place. You DO NOT scale if sales do not come in.

You do not spend more money if there is no demand.

Meaning that you literally take little to no risk before scaling up. Hence the people who fail are the ones who do not follow the step by step, people who do not do their market research, they jump the gun and immediately start running ads. Imagine taking the exam without doing your homework.

There is no chance of failure if you follow the market validation module.

If your business is not even producing positive free cash flow, you probably have not solved acquisition properly. You are experiencing either or both of these 2 problems:

  1. Your offer is not selling = your products/services are not resonating with the wants of your market
  2. Your copy is not speaking to the customer = you struggling to get people’s attention and convince them to buy from you.

We can help you solve both these problems. Money doesn’t solve everything, but liquidity and sales solves a lot of problems.

  • Look at the case studies
  • We provide you ALL the SOPs and literal proven plug and play templates, we don’t just talk airy fairy high level concepts
  • We are obsessed with this stuff, not just a job for us

Both startups and established companies will benefit by using our product.

Helping startups easily scale to their 1st 100k+ months.

Helping established companies use our templates to optimize their conversion rates by multiples on the % point helps increase bottom line profit by hundreds of thousands of dollars.


I am based in the small tiny island of Singapore. I’m sitting in my bedroom as I type this, I have an Internet connection, a laptop, a credit card, persistence and unleveled focus.That’s it.

Statistically speaking, in every way possible, this will work for you too.

Coaching sessions are held on zoom calls, held the same times every week. You can come in during the scheduled time and:

  • Ask any questions you have on the material being taught
  • Share your screen and seek advice on the campaigns that you are running
  • Seek advice on everything from your landing pages, copy, funnel structure and ads

Sessions last anywhere from 1 hour or longer and will drag on as long as everyone’s question gets answered.

Question for you: Do you want to get to the next level or not? And how much time and money do you want to waste trying to figure out trying to get there?

Yep. Usually if you are in B2B your average ticket price is higher and your competitors usually have no idea what they are doing, so it may even be easier.

If you follow our program, you will get the results.

If you execute the plan of attack — market research, ensure unit economics line up, validate with low spend, start scaling with risk management, you will get results. If you do everything in the action plan laid out for you and you don’t get results, we offer a full 100% money back guarantee.

Our process works and we put our money where our mouth is.

You book a call → we ensure on the call you are suitable and we can help you → (if you qualify) you buy → you sign NDA + join the group → you immediately start implementing → you get some results but face some bottlenecks so you come on zoom for over the shoulder coaching and analysis of your account → you fix the mistakes and implement again → you scale and get results

You can make payment via a credit card (via stripe) on the checkout page that we will issue you.

You can make a 1-time payment or an installment payment if you want to stagger payment due to cash flow reasons.

Yes, the strategy is platform agnostic. As long as you can customize the product page on your site. Be it woocommerce, magento, commerceHQ etc.

The group consists of a mix of 6 and 7 figure ecommerce entrepreneurs, some full time and some are working professionals who just want to diversify their income. Some are former high level affiliate marketers and some are just getting into ecommerce and taking their 1st foray into scaling up.

It’s always great to have a network of people you can always talk to and network with in case you need any help, or you have opportunities

A bunch of smart, like minded people you can draw advice and experiences from is always good as the road of entrepreneurship is pretty lonely sometimes. I’ve personally made many friends and even found business partners by joining communities online.

Anders, Norway

Russab, USA

Kevin, South Korea

Danny, Thailand

Mark, Australia

Dan, USA

Sebastian, USA

Ying Hao, Singapore

This Page Is Long And If You Are Reading This I Think You Get The Point..

Book A Call, Buy & Change The Trajectory Of Your Business Forever

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