OXG Media Ecommerce Coaching Program Brief - Watch this video!


  • Live coaching + slides weekly over 6-8 weeks, zoom call style every week
  • Every week will have lessons, you need to go and implement the knowledge each week, every subsequent week, we come back and examine your data, like a REAL class with homework
  • So that by the end of the program you will be full fledged internet marketer, and will know what to do if you encounter any problem
  • All the zoom call recordings will be issued to you after the call in case you need to reference
  • Free flow Q&A after each week teaching session, ask me anything unrestricted, be able to share your screen
  • Learn from other students and share ideas/struggles
  • I can’t guarantee anything, but make sure that you learn how to fish, teach you how to fish, and ENSURE you get results for your biz when you implement
  • Facebook group for support, so you can ask anything after the weekly coaching calls, in case you got any problem along the way

What will be covered?

  • All the plugin & product page requirements
  • How to position your offer
  • Facebook ads masterclass, how to read data, scale, metrics, tracking, what to look for, EVERYTHING 🙋‍
  • Video creatives
  • A bit of google ads
  • Setting up email funnel
  • I will hold you accountable every week and yell at you if you don’t do the homework lol

Gives you:

  • All the templates that we use internally at the agency
  • Copy and paste to your store
  • Access to the course after its fully finished
– 6-8 week coaching
– FB group for support and community (lifetime)
– Midway course 1-1 call checkin
– MagmaCharts access
– Lifetime access to course after completion
– All zoom call recording after

Max slots: Ideal 20 ppl, 25 max people to join, need to be able ensure success for every student, so can’t have too many

Requirement: You must already have an ecom store, and product, have some knowledge about running some ads, should have some sales already, motivated, you can’t be lazy, i can’t help scrubs really

Start Date: End of July 2020 – September 2020

Disclaimer 1: Only accept certain number of ppl as I will be working with you personally with individual attention

Will close enrollment on July 20, 2020:

PRICE: $1000 USD 1-time Fee

MODULE RUN DOWN: Copywriting
Ad buying
Hiring & Automating


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And if we don't you don't pay.

Sound good?