So Much Ad Spend…But So Little Profit?

How Does $4M/Month In Additional Revenue Sound For Your eCOM Store WITHOUT spending an additional $ on paid ads?

Improve Your eCom Profitability TODAY

Generate an additional 30-50 % of revenue without paying FB/Google an additional $

How This Email Marketing Course Will Help Your eCom Business

More Profit

30-50% more revenue if executed well. More money to spend on inventory, hiring and profit for your pocket.

Less Stress From Ads

Ads are volatile, paid advertising is not a linear scale. If you are able to extract more revenue from your list, you are not afraid to breakeven or even lose money on the frontend.

Engage Your Customers

Engaging with your customers over a long period of time builds long lasting relationship with your business.

Increase Customer Repeat Rate

Email marketing encourages people to buy again and again. Money comes in, less reliance on the frontend sales.

Improve Your Valuation

If you are looking to sell your business in the future, investors are going to want to see a healthy and engaged list.

Take Control Of Your Asset

FB can shut down your ad account. They can't take away your email list. OWN your customers and your asset.

Clients We've Worked With

The Best ROI Investment For Your eCom Business

What Our Customers Have To Say

I run a clothing eCommerce brand in Australia selling to the top 5 tier 1 countries. After IOS really affected our sales I tried diversifying the sales channel and stumbled upon OXG media and their ad on email marketing course. After implementing what Jon and the team has taught in the course, I was able to get my email revenue up to 12% in the 1st 2 months, which has paid for the course more than 100x over. Of course, we are just starting out and there’s still room to improve which is what makes it so exciting. I started with a list size of 3000 people, improved my opt in rates and have 3x’ed my email list. Buying this course was an absolute no brainer.

Sarah C, Brisbane Australia, Women's Apparel Clothing Brand

Instant results! In the 1st month, we implemented the flows, additional $5k generated in revenue. Month 2, $25k generated with list cleaning and more manual emails sent. Month 3, $40k/pm in additional email rev generated. With more traffic and a cleaner list, we just get better over time. Excited to see the progress! Our store has become a lot more profitable and now I can willingly spend much more on our FB ads as well knowing that even though we do a 2.2-2.5x ROAS on cold traffic, we got OXG media handling the emails and increasing our overall ROAS to a 3.5-4x overall. Thank you guys for your hardwork!

Amanda S, California USA, Sofa + Mattress eCommerce Store

Lots of marketing gurus talk a big game without backing things up. OXG Media’s course is not. It goes straight to the point, tells me exactly what types of emails and flows I need to create. Everything is talking about revenue producing actions. No fluff. Straight to the point. Thank you to the team at OXG for creating this.

Jared I, Toronto Canada, Hypebeast Clothing eCommerce Store

I was able to make back my money within the 1st email I sent to my list! $400 in sales in my 1st email and I have literally not touched my email list since the start of my business. It's been 2 months since I bought this course and this is the best ROI investment I have ever made. We’re able to generate $34k pm in additional revenue from our flows alone. And our main Shea butter product produces an additional $7k/pm RECURRING with the replenishment flow that was taught. Can’t wait to warm up my list overtime and increase my email revenue. Thank you so much for the course!

David R, Wisconsin USA, Women Skin Care eCommerce Store

We recently started eCommerce back in March 2020 during the ***demic, we sell a range of home appliances and water filters to Singapore and other nearby asian markets. Before IOS14, our business was growing steadily and overall profits were ok. However after IOS14, our ads on FB suddenly went from 4-5x to just break even and unprofitable. Not knowing too much about digital ads and relatively new to eCommerce, I was talking to my friends in the space and they referred me to Jonathan and OXG Media where they suggested for me to do email marketing and improving my backend so that I’m not so stressed all the time with the FB ads being so volatile. Within the 1st 3 months of working with OXG, my email rev went from 2% to 31%, even though my email list was quite small at 7k when we 1st started. Now email alone does about $100k+ in additional revenue and we’re able to spend so much more on FB and Google because we know we have something that will cushion us even if ads don’t convert that day. If you’re looking for results, don’t hesitate to work with OXG media.

Rajesh Nagulendran H, Singapore, Home Appliances eCommerce Store

We sell courses ranging anywhere from $49 to $997 using the eCommerce model selling on Shopify. Because our products are not recurring we had to find a way to make more profit as our ads suddenly plunged 30% overnight after the IOS update. Of course I was skeptical of most marketing courses like most people, but I can say this email course has changed the economics of my business completely. I now generate 20% more in our course business through email. Even though FB is still a pain in the a**I now am much more confident when running ads and being aggressive in my customer acquisition. Even though we spend $1-2k per day to get back 2-3k in ad revenue, I have tracked that the emails have extended the lifetime value of my customers. I don’t do testimonials often but really like to thank the OXG Media team. Sounds cliche, but it really saved my business.

Kang Min, Hong Kong, Online Course eCommerce Business

We run a cross platform supplements business in the states selling across Shopify and FBA. Our concentration of customers are in the US, and coming from the world of amazon we always wanted to take hold of the customer database. With our referral traffic and simple retargeting ads alone we were able to get Shopify to do $6-700k/pm purely on paid traffic and word of mouth from our amazon reputation. When we started working with OXG Media and the team, they helped us do over 6 figures in additional revenue in the email channel alone within the 1st 2 months. Today, 8 months in OXG Media has been consistently grossing us over $250k+ pm in email revenue ALONE and we are only heading into Q4 now so I do expect those numbers to really look crazy in 3 months time. I would really like to thank their team for being our email marketing partner. If you work with Jon, James and the team at OXG Media, don’t even hesitate. Buy their course or work with them, just do it.

Patrick C, California USA, Supplement/Protein Powder Supplement Brand

You're Protected By A Risk FREE 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you are going to get results (as long as you have an email list), that we want you to try it with full confidence.

As soon as you purchase, you'll receive access instantly... and with zero risk. If you don't like it, we'll just give you your money back.

If you don’t get results after implementing, simply send a message to admin@oxg-media.com, cc jonathan@oxg-media.com with the title ‘Email Course Refund’, let us know why you want a refund and we’ll give you a refund on stripe (our payment processor).

We don’t want unhappy customers and we are 100% confident you’ll get results and make your money back multiple times over.

Check Out Some Of The Results

If You thought Email Was Dead...Think Again...

Video Proof: $4m/month from email

$68/300k Of Store Revenue From Email

$68k/157k Of Store Revenue From Email

$380k/2m Revenue From Email

$3m/7m Revenue From Email

Imagine making multiple 6 figures from every email...

high value relationships produces staggering results

Even with smaller lists, you are always rOI positive

The Big Nuke: Black Friday $1m email

Here's What It Looks Like When You Enrol Into The Course

More Testimonials...

Anders, Norway

Sverre, Norway

Mark, Australia

Danny, Thailand

Kevin, South Korea

Aether, Singapore

Paul, Australia

Adam, UK

Alex, USA

Sebastian, USA

Russab, USA

You Wanted To See More Proof, Here’s Video Proof

More Case Studies...

$10m/year eCOM

$5m/year eCOM

$2m/year eCOM

$100K Scale In 2 Weeks

$2m/year eCOM

$1M/year eCOM

$1m/year eCOM

$100K Scale In 30 Days

Featured In

Or Did You Want Photo Proof Instead?

More results...

Charlie Hit $30k days

Isaac Went from unprofitable to $40k rev

Paul broke through 6 figure months

Adam 2x'ed His business in a year

real recognise real

other people agree

we could go on but this page is going to be too long...but i think you get the point.

Don't miss out on this offer.

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • eCommerce business owners who want to learn how to run email marketing campaigns for their eCommerce store
  • eCom businesses who want to squeeze out more profit from their digital marketing efforts
  • eCom business owners who have a stagnant email list sitting in their database and you’re doing nothing about it
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing woocommerce, Shopify or magento, every company who does business online needs an email list, you’re eventually going to have to do this.
  • Marketers who want to learn how to do email marketing for eCommerce businesses and clients

If you are NOT doing standard eCommerce, but are running an online business (AKA means you acquire customers in an online manner) this course is definitely useful to you however businesses who run an ‘automated checkout’ business will benefit the most.

It does not matter whether you sell physical/digital products, as long as the customer transacts with you in an automated checkout, this course is suitable for you.

If you are pre-revenue in your eCommerce business, have not made a single $ online, eventually you are going to have to learn this stuff.

However at this point, you probably won’t see much results coming from email purely because your topline revenue is not high enough and your list size is probably non-existent at this point.

We don’t recommend you to buy this if you are at that stage.

If you still want to purchase this course to upgrade your knowledge and skill set, feel free to do so; however we cannot guarantee results if you don’t even have people in your email list.

No, we do NOT teach copywriting.

We teach you all of the essential email marketing flows, manual broadcast emails and email templates that you can use for your emails so that they have the highest chances of conversion and generating revenue.

Module 0: Introduction

Welcome To OXG Media! + Ensuring You Are Successful

Module 1: Introduction To The Email Channel

1-1 Understanding The End Game (Retiring With Email)

1-2 Relationship Building In Email

1-3 Email Opt Ins & Increasing Collection & Throughput

1-4 Email deliverability and spam & the relationship to your income + valuation

1-5 How you can spy on what other brands are doing for their email marketing

Module 2: Email Autoresponder Klaviyo Setup

2-1 Setting up the account + Connecting Storefront

2-2 Setting Up Website Tracking With Klaviyo

2-3 Setting Up Popup Forms

2-4 Popup Forms A/B Split Tests – When To Use?

2-5 Brand colors, Feel & Consistency Of Emails

2-6 Graphics Email Vs. Plain Text Email

2-7 Campaigns Vs Flows

2-8 How to clean the email list

2-9 Design of every email

2-10 Consistency builds trust

Module 3: Essential Email Flows For eCommerce

3-0 Overview of the flows


3-1 Welcome Series

3-2 Abandoned Cart

3-2B Unique Coupon Codes

3-3 Site Abandonment

3-4 Browse Abandonment

3-5 Product Back In Stock Reminder


3-7 Post Purchase Thank You + Upsell + Customer Review Request

3-8 Subscription Recurring – Replenish Reminder

3-9 Customer Bounce Back OR Customer Winback

3-10 Sunset Engaged

Module 4: Manual Broadcast Campaigns

4-1 Manual Email Broadcast

Types Of Email

4-2 Content Focused/No Selling Emails

4-3 Giveaways

4-4 New Product Launch Announcement

4-5 New Collection Launch Announcement

4-6 Influencer Spotlight Campaign

4-7 Installments, Buy now pay later campaigns

4-8 Pre-orders For Upcoming products

4-9 Holiday Sales

4-10 Refer A Friend/Promote + Get Paid Campaigns

4-11 Curating The Best Selling Products

4-12 Flash Sale

4-13 Content Calendar

4-4 BFCM Strategy

Module 5: Segmentation

5-1 Segmentation Features

If you don’t watch the content and implement what we have in the course, NO we cannot guarantee results.

If you implement the flows, manual broadcast emails. YES, we can guarantee results.

If you ALREADY have an email list — yes we can guarantee results.

If you ALREADY have an email list and your email list is big >5k — your results will come even faster.

If you ALREADY have an email list and your email list is big >5k and you are constantly running paid traffic and ads on the frontend — you will see the quickest results.

If you are doing $100k+/pm consistently and doing branded eCom, you should expect to have your email marketing revenue form 20-50% of your revenue, with the % of that revenue increasing overtime according to the maturity of your business. 20% on the low end, 50% on the high end.

The email list consists of people who are already in your email database. These people have willingly opted in and given you their contact information. Unlike paid advertising, where you are going out to COLD audiences (people who do not like, trust or respect you), email marketing you are usually engaging with WARM prospects.

Hence if you have an email list of a decent size already, you are guaranteed of getting results.

Yes, as mentioned above, the niche does not matter. Whether you’re selling CBD, kitchenware or the most obscure skin cream, this will work for you.

Customers who are on the email list are MOF, which means middle of funnel traffic. Which means they are warm prospects who are already interested in your products. You don’t have to CONVINCE them of your credibility.

They just require more nurturing overtime and trust building to start buying your products.

We use Klaviyo in the tutorials.

The company with the most money, funding, talent and moat wins. Klaviyo is the best email marketing software for ECOMMERCE, hands down.

Check them out here if you want: (We are a klaviyo partner)


We want you to get access to the best information on email marketing.

But we also know – that if you go through the course, implement what we say and make money 1st you’ll trust us a lot more.

And because email marketing is boring and labor intensive, we hope that whenever you want a marketing partner to take over the email function, you would consider hiring us as an agency to take over your email marketing efforts.

We are not planning to make any money on this course. All of the revenue generated is taken to pay for hosting for our online course platform and for ads.

That’s a fair question.

Please check out some of the video testimonials and case studies we have done in the past.

On this page, it’s our job to show you as much proof as possible of what our company has managed to do for other people in the past.

Review our testimonials, results, free content and see whether it makes sense.

In addition, we have a money back guarantee to eliminate your risk of buying our product. Simply email us at admin@oxg-media.com, cc jonathan@oxg-media.com with the title ‘Email Course Refund’ and we will refund your money back through Stripe (the payment processor we use).

If for any reason, after you have purchased the course, and implemented the flows and manual broadcast emails that we have taught you and you DO NOT see revenue and sales being generated, you can ask for a refund.

It is advisable to have at least 500 people (sizable amount) in your email list for you to actually see your 1st sales email come in.

Please be a decent human being — do not abuse this or we would have to remove this guarantee for future customers.

What if I don’t like it and want my money back?

Not an issue.

Please reach out to admin@oxg-media.com , CC jonathan@oxg-media.com in and title your email ‘Email Course Refund’ and just let us know why you were not able to get results.

(we may ask for feedback to improve the product)

If for any reason, after you have purchased the course, and implemented the flows and manual broadcast emails that we have taught you and you DO NOT see revenue and sales being generated, you can ask for a refund.

It is advisable to have at least 500 people (sizable amount) in your email list for you to actually see your 1st sales email come in.

Please be a decent human being — do not abuse this or we would have to remove this guarantee for future customers.

What if I don’t like it and want my money back?

Not an issue.

Please reach out to admin@oxg-media.com , CC jonathan@oxg-media.com in and title your email ‘Email Course Refund’ and just let us know why you were not able to get results.

(we may ask for feedback to improve the product)

If you buy this and do not implement anything, it’s not going to work for you.

The issue with courses is that most people do not actually implement what is being taught.

But that’s fine — we can take the risk of that and that is why we have a guarantee.

Yes, I am based in Singapore. Asian country, far away from the US and it works.

Strategies taught in this course are not platform or geography specific, just adapt the copy and messaging of the emails to your language if you live in a non-english speaking country.

Feel free to email us at:

admin@oxg-media.com, CEO Jonathan at jonathan@oxg-media.com or send us a message on FB messenger and we’ll respond within 3 business days or less.

The Secrets Behind How To Increase Profitability In Your eCommerce Store OVERNIGHT Without Spending An Additional Dollar On FB, Google Or Tiktok

Do These Things Sound Familiar?

Your paid ads are generating the bulk of your e-commerce revenue and you are just sitting on 1000s (Thousands) of email addresses in your email list and doing nothing with it. You probably are even paying for email software that you are barely even using.

⛔ You don’t have an email backend to support your frontend paid ads acquisition marketing strategy, which makes it very dangerous as the prices of ads get higher overtime, squeezing your ROAS and that could mean the difference between you being profitable or in the red.

⛔ As the IOS stuff happens and frontend paid ads CPCs and CPMs increase with more competition, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to even break even with the thin margins in eCommerce, especially if you are not selling high ticket products.

⛔ You have spent so much on ads and acquisition trying to acquire customers, but neglect to extend that lifetime value (LTV) after the customer has bought from you the 1st time.

Let me ask you this question…

If facebook or google stops your ad account today…right now, do you still have a business?

Would you still be able to generate revenue?

Are you too reliant on paid advertising?

The #1 Biggest Issue With Platforms Like FB, Google Getting More Expensive & Why This Affects You

As more businesses are forced online to advertise, the ‘Facebook’ channel, the ‘Google’ Channel, is going to be flooded with other competitors.

Competitors are ok, they are a sign that there is money in the market, but it also means that it gets increasingly harder to differentiate from other businesses.

Imagine paying for a click on google, and when the search results show up, the customer is presented with 60 different options all offering the same thing…

With so many other options out in the marketplace, that ‘click’ you are paying for becomes a commodity, as shoppers can click the backspace button, seek other alternatives and move on with life.

What most eCommerce entrepreneurs don’t understand is that they are competing with other eCom businesses, you are not the only one in the space.

Customers have a limited $100 to spend and they will choose whether they are going to spend it with competitor A or with you.

If you are already spending so much money on ads, you should try to maximize every website visitor that comes to your store.

Imagine you had a conversion rate of 3% for example, that means for every 100 people who come to your site, 97 of them are saying NO to you.

That’s 97 people whom you are paying for who have come to your website, have not transacted with you, and left without giving you any money. 

If you could just follow up with these people overtime…and in the next 1,3,6 months for example they would give you $25 for example…would that change the economics of your business?

Why You Are DOOMED In Today’s Age If You Are Not Consistently Doing Email Marketing

In the paid advertising channels like facebook, the billion dollar companies who are advertising in the same ad space as you are willing to go in the red to acquire a customer.

Which means they don’t need a 3-4x ROAS on their campaigns in order to survive.

They are more than willing to do a 0.2x ROAS, lose money, acquire the customer and wait for 6-12 months for that money to be recouped.

Are you…ready for that?

Can your business economics afford that?

99% of businesses and SMBs cannot.

That is why most of them do not survive.

That is why most of them will never see the next stage of growth.

So how do you combat that?

You’d have to find more efficient ways to extract more LTV from your customers over a long period of time in order to stay profitable.

Email and retention based marketing strategies are the only way to extract more value from your customers, and you don’t even have to pay ad spend to get in front of the customer, unlike retargeting ads. 👍

When done well and consistently, email as a marketing channel can generate you an additional 30-50% of your entire store revenue.

Imagine doing $1m per month and $300k of that amount is generated purely with email marketing alone.

Once again — keep in mind there is no ad spend here.

You build a solid and long term relationship with your customers here and you do it profitably.

The online businesses that will now survive are the ones who only do frontend acquisition, they only care about the 1st sale and 1st transaction, but they fail to realise the 1st purchase is only the start of the relationship, the real money is made on the backend.

Now you understand why emails are so important.

Selling Your Company And Looking For A Big Payday? You Need Email.

Lastly, email is the ONLY channel where you truly own the customer and the asset.

If you do a business like amazon FBA, you don’t own the customer. You’re building Amazon’s business. Because you don’t own the customer list.

But if you run your own eCom store, you own the relationship with the customer 100%. You have their contact information, and it’s in your email.

If you run FB, FB can shut down your ad account. If you have a youtube channel, google can ban you whenever they like.

When you have an email list, this is something you own outright – 100%. It’s yours and nobody can ‘shut you down’. The CHANNEL and relationship to the customer is completely YOURS.

The email list is the ONLY asset that you truly own as a business owner.

If, at any point in time you were thinking about selling your company to an external investor, the investor is going to price and VALUE your business based on the size and health of your email list.

Why do so many companies like Twitter, worth a multi-billion valuation, when their net profit stinks?

Because they OWN the customer base.

They own the list.

When an investor buys your company, they want to see how much $ can be generated from the email list.

They want to see a healthy, engaged list of prospects ready and excited to buy your products.

And a healthy email list with good open and engaged rates producing revenue will increase your valuation multiple as well.

A $6m valuation looks very different from a $9m valuation if the difference is the quality of your email list.

Take care of email marketing — it’s the backbone of your business.

Summary: Here’s Why You NEED To Learn Email Marketing

  1. You’re able to unlock a new revenue stream and generate 30-50% more revenue without spending an additional dollar on ads.

  2. You have a lot more margin to play with because you know you have a backend that can help you extend your LTV, so even if you’re spending a ton of money on the front with your ads, you’ll be able to squeeze a lot more revenue from your existing customer base.
  3. More margin gives you a lot more confidence to scale aggressively on the frontend with ads.

  4. The email channel is something that you own, there are no ad account bans, no external forces.

  5. If you have a massive email list, you’re pretty much set for life.

How Would You Like To Make 30-50% More On Your eCom Store WITHOUT Giving Google/FB Any More $?

So Who Is This Course For?

eCommerce business owners who want to learn how to run email marketing campaigns for their eCommerce store

eCom businesses who want to squeeze out more profit from their digital marketing efforts 

eCom business owners who have a stagnant email list sitting in their database and you’re doing nothing about it

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing woocommerce, Shopify or magento, every company who does business online needs an email list, you’re eventually going to have to do this.

Marketers who want to learn how to do email marketing for eCommerce businesses and clients 

Who Will See The Results The Fastest?

  • eCommerce stores who are already in revenue, already running traffic, already have an existing email list that they are NOT actively engaging with
  • As long as you acquire customers in an online acquisition channel, you are running an online business. This would be suitable for you too.

Ok — So What Is The OXG Media Email Marketing Course About?

Our email course covers…

Module 1:
We’ll teach you about the fundamentals of email marketing. This includes understanding how to retire with email, relationship building, creating email opt-ins and throughput, email deliverability and spam. We’re going to be teaching how to use Klaviyo software because its the most robust but every CRM can do something similar.

Module 2:
We will teach you how to set up your email marketing autoresponder properly, set up website tracking, popup form, campaigns vs flows and list suppression.

Module 3:
We teach you about the different types of email flows such as welcome series, abandoned cart, back in stock, site abandonment which can generate you additional 10-20% of your revenue.

Module 4:
We’ll show you the different types of manual email broadcast and emails that you can send out that will generate revenue such as collection launches, influencer spotlights and preorder campaigns.

Module 5:
We’re going to teach you how to do email segmentations so you have higher open rates, more personalised emails and high revenue being generated.

Everything that is put into the syllabus of this course is designed to drive more revenue for you and your business. 

No fluff or BS. 

Nothing else. 

Why Is This Course Priced So Inexpensively?

Unlike other gurus or companies who will charge $1997, $5000 for my ‘mastermind’, you might be skeptical and asking…

Why are we selling this so inexpensively?

Is there some sort of upsell on the back that I need to buy?

Do we have some sort of motive?


So we are going to be honest with you, there are no upsells. 

And the reason why prices are so low is because we want you to be able to learn and implement this knowledge for yourself.

And if you do need help implementing all this stuff for yourself and don’t want to do it yourself, we hope that you will remember us and hire us as your email marketing agency.

Yep — that’s pretty much it.

We really don’t make money on this course, most of the revenue we make here is going to be used to pay for hosting on our course platform and the ads that we run.


No hidden backend, no sleazy upsells here.

Why And How Are We Going To Convince You To Purchase This?


We know that if you buy this course, with a very small investment, take the information and implement it, you’ll make your purchase 1000s of times back and the ROI is going to be so mind-numbingly crazy.

We know this information is going to help you be more successful.

So we have no shame in wanting you to buy this so you can make more for yourself.


We are going to give you an irresistible offer.

If you buy this course, implement and do NOT see results, if at any point in time in the following 30 days, you can ask for a refund.

We’ll give you your money back.

(30-Day Risk FREE Money Back Guarantee)

We don’t want unhappy customers and with this product and with this information, we can ASSURE you you’ll make your money back on your purchase almost immediately.

(Typically within the 1st 3 emails you send if you have a list >5k, or worst case scenario, you’ll definitely make back your money within the 1st month)

The ROI is hilariously crazy.

Ready To Start Generating Additional PROFIT from your list? Here’s What You’re Going To Get When You Enrol Into The Course...

  • 12-Month access to the online course portal (Immediate access given to your registered email address)
  • Access to the email templates, cheat sheets and automation workflows.
  • The 30-day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

See you in the course!


OXG Media Team

The Highest ROI Investment You Can make in your eCOM Business

This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated on this landing page are our personal sales figures and in some cases the sales figures of previous or existing clients.

Please understand these results only happen because the person who has bought the course took action into implementing. We're not implying you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys "how to" information gets little to no results. We're using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your email list size, experience, and work ethic.

If you cannot accept this, please DO NOT BUY.

We Increase your email revenue. Increase company revenue without having to spend more ads so you're more profitable overall.

And if we don't you don't pay.

Sound good?