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true partnershiP: we only get paid when we make you money. guaranteed ROI. We remove the risk for you. 100% client satisfaction.

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Helping D2C Ecommerce brands create millions in enterprise value

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Facing these problems?

 Your paid ads is generating the bulk of your e-commerce revenue and you are just sitting on 1000s of email addresses in your email list and doing nothing with it.

 You don’t have an email backend to support your frontend paid ads acquisition marketing strategy, which makes it very dangerous as the prices of ads get higher overtime, squeezing your ROAS.

 You really don’t want to think and manage a team to do email marketing, you just want results and you want them now.

You’re sick of so many people in the industries under delivering and you want real tangible results

If facebook or google stops your ad account today…right now, do you still have a business? Would you still be able to generate revenue?

We don’t charge a ‘retainer’ so there’s no risk to you. You only pay when we deliver you sales. We get paid only when you get paid. 

In this way, we are TRUE PARTNERS to your business.

why you are severely missing out if you don't do email marketing

As traffic and CPCs increase overtime, it becomes increasingly difficult to generate a consistent ROAS with your ads, hence having a strong email backend will ensure you have a business and MORE importantly, an asset that tech giants CANNOT take away from you.

Monetising your email list is the way to extend your lifetime value of your customers, its the true ONLY asset that you own on the internet.

If we could help you unlock just 100k/pm in additional free cash flow without spending on ads...what would that do for you?

If you want to work with an agency who can…

1. Deliver you and promise you results

2. Has delivered results for many other eCom brands in the past

3. Gives you the guarantee of results so that there’s no risk to you working with us

Would you take us up on that offer?

We don’t charge monthly retainers, we only get paid a % of the revenue that we drive, which completely removes the financial risk of you working with us.

Hence, we are 100% incentivized to perform and drive revenue. If we don’t make you money, we don’t get paid either.

We have complete alignment of our incentives.

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if we don't get you results, we don't get paid either

case study 1: alcohol brand
$4m/month email revenue


Background On Client:
This client is an 8 figure eCom brand who sells spirits, liquor and other products related to the brewery space. We helped them drive a large % of their revenue with email marketing and SMS campaigns. As alcohol is a touchy subject and most people are used to buying things in supermarkets and in-store, we had to use engaging follow up and nurturing campaigns to convince the buyer to purchase their spirits online instead. On Black Friday alone, there was 1 of our emails which generated 7 figures alone.

case study 2: Gummies brand
$3M/month email revenue


Background On Client:
This client sells gummies through their eCommerce shopify store. Before working with us, the brand was only doing organic traffic marketing and driving sales directly from youtube videos published on their channel. Because there are some limitations on marketing such a product on paid advertising channels, this brand was too reliant on a new youtube video being published for sales. When we came in, we quickly setup a lot of their email opt ins and started sucking up emails to grow their customer database. Then we created email automations and consistent manual broadcasts to nurture the relationship with the audience. We also grew the list exponentially by holding giveaways. We were able to do over $3m in email revenue alone and 4x’ing their email list size.

case study 3: magnetic eyelash makeup brand
$180k/pm email revenue

Tier 1 Western, USA/CAN/AUS/NZ

Background On Client:
This brand sells magnetic eyelashes in beauty/makeup niche. They have grown their brand from 0 to 600k/pm within 4 years. Before we came in, they were not doing much with email marketing as they just set up some flows and only emailed their list once a month or so for a sale. After we came in, we managed to 2x their email list size, and grow email revenue from a measly $10k/pm to $180k/pm. Because eyelashes market is quite competitive, email marketing on the backend allows FB ads to be much more aggressive in acquiring the customer knowing that we are producing profits and extending LTV on the back.

$40k/pm Email revenue


Background On Client:
This brand sells essential oils to older age women in the USA market. Their marketing mix consists of a healthy combination of SEO organic traffic, word of mouth and organic social from pinterest. Although there was a lot of traffic on site, there was little conversions coming from email. We implemented a quiz funnel to collect opt ins, created segmentations and specific email flows that spoke to the target customer based on their form fields inputs. This helped to seriously boost conversion rates as the messaging was very specific to the customer. Today we generate about $40k/pm in email revenue for them.

case study 5: CAMPING GEAR BRAND
$65k/pm email revenue


Background On Client:
This brand sells high ticket camping equipment to the masses. Because of the high ticket nature of the product, it takes quite awhile and a lot of effort to convince the customer to actually buy the product. Hence email marketing played a crucial role in driving conversions. We used an education style type of email flow in order to introduce the benefits, features, and USPs of the product through email. We also created various segmentation flows for EACH of the best selling product lines (eg. hammock, backpack, cooking kits) in order to speak better messaging, thus driving increased conversions for the brand. We generate $65k/pm in email revenue for them.

Email automations

We set up and manage highly profitable branded email flows such as abandoned carts, welcome series, customer win back, upsells / cross sells and much more.

email campaigns

Your customers love hearing from you. We regularly send out manual campaigns keeping your customers engaged and re-converting them generating extra revenue.

campaign optimization

We perform A/B split tests on every email on a weekly bases so we can continue improving, scaling, and finding the perfect combinations your customers want to engage with.

list segmentation

Let us manage your list and segment customers based on similarities so we can offer more personalised content. This increases campaign conversion rate, generating you more $.

we answer your questions here!

Yes email marketing works for every industry.

The email list consists of people who are already in your email database. These people have willingly opted in and given you their contact information. Unlike paid advertising, where you are going out to COLD audiences (people who do not like, trust or respect you), email marketing you are usually engaging with WARM prospects.

Hence if you have an email list of a decent size already, you are guaranteed of getting results.

Every company in the world has an email list because that is where your customers information is being stores. Email is the only marketing channel that has existed since the dawn of the internet and it is here to stay.

Yes, we do not charge monthly retainers for our email marketing service.

This is so that you as a client don’t have any ‘financial risk’ in working with us.

However, if you prefer a retainer model, we are open to discussing as well.

We only get paid when we drive actual revenue for you.

For example, if this month, we drive $0 for your business, we don’t get paid.

If we drive $100k for you this month, we will only take a % of that amount.

A lot of eCom business owners have had bad experiences with agencies, so we implemnent this structure in order to truly show that we are committes as a ‘partner’ to drive revenue for your busines..

You’re not just another ‘client’ or ‘retainer’, you’re our long term partner that we can trust and grow with.

However, if you prefer to pay a fixed retainer, we can do that too. Book a call with us to discuss.

1. You need to ALREADY doing $70k/pm in store revenue on a consistent basis.

2. You should have a predictable frontend traffic source such as (eg. FB ads, google ads) or organic traffic such as a youtube channel you consistently post in.

Because we are confident in our teams ability to deliver, and if we don’t deliver, you don’t pay a single cent, we work for free.

Book a call — let us see how we can help!

We have worked with brands in many industries, some of the more prominent ones are:

  • Kitchenware
  • Beauty/Makeup
  • Acne Creams
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Swimwear
  • Party/Birthday
  • F&B (Food subscrption)
  • Gut supplements
  • Camping Gear

There are definitely more, these are the ones that come to mind. However, if you are in another niche and already have revenue, we can guarantee results.

we've work with ecom founders globally

Guaranteed ROI For your brand
results or we work for free

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