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If you are running eCommerce or sell high ticket over the phone.

No marketing BS. All client results with VIDEO proof. 100% transparency. The results you’re looking for.

Pls watch on desktop.

From -$5k/pm to $100k/pm within 30 days then scaling to $800k/pm then doing just over $1m 57 days, doing $1m/pm now consistently

Completely Bootstrapped

Pumping $1m in 5 months, then scaling to $500k/pm then hitting $50k days, making our client a pre-tax millionaire within 6 months flat

Helping a client go from offline to transition online and doing $1m in 1st 11 months at 15x ROAS in the process

Smaller Case Study: But $0 to $100k within 16 days, ramp

Over 250+ Booked Calls For A High Ticket Offer In 1st 2 Months
What will a flood of new customers mean for your business?

Let Us Help You Do This For Your Business
People lie, Numbers don't

Do these things sound familiar?

1. You want to scale but need guidance and help to get you to the next level. You don't know how and want a proven process to scale.

2. You can't keep up with the ads, you've tried scaling but may have faced difficulties when you've attempted to increase the ad spend with volatility.

3. You've tried scaling but everything just comes crumbling down once you crank up your ad spend and you're not able to scale consistently.

4. Your internal marketing team/current agency is not getting results and you want someone who has actually done this many many times to come in and take over. You're sick of people who just talk and promise results.

The worse thing is actually these issues you're facing aren't even money related, these issues are actually:

1. Preventing you from actually having a life and having sleepless nights worried about your business

2. Have more free time to yourself

3. Preventing you from actually working on what you ACTUALLY love to do in your business

Money can't solve everything, but sales and liquidity sure can resolve financial distress and give you peace of mind.

Imagine if you just had the blueprint to scale your business at will and predictability...

And that you had a team that you can rely on and get help from, pushing for you everyday to get the results you know you deserve.

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We can help you do this for your business only if you meet the criteria below

We only help 3 types of people:
1. eCommerce Brands selling physical/digital products
2. People selling online courses/info products/coaching
3. High ticket lead generation - Call Funnels

If you fulfill the criteria + are interested please book a call below, we very much like to talk to motivated, like minded entrepreneurs who want to do big things to help do this for you, book a call, work with us and change the trajectory of your business forever

I would like to now invite you to book a call.

Click the button below and it will be redirected to a form and you can pick a time on the calendar so we can get the chance to personally diagnose your situation.

What you've got to gain:
Absolute clarity on your situation, on how to scale and infinite upside on how we can help you get to the moon. If you have any burning questions, feel free to ask as well.

We'll tell you exactly what to fix, and yes if we think we can help you, we want you to become a client.

Get the results you're looking for the 1st time round. Solve acquisition for your business and scale, at will.

On the call, we'll tell you exactly what to do, we promise we won't waste your time. And if we feel like we can help you scale and make you money, yes we want you to become a client.

What you've got to lose:
Lots of wasted time trying to find help from someone, who...

1. Doesn't have the results, the experience
2. Probably doesn't care too much about your success.

Or if you try to scale yourself, you may even waste lots of money in the process. The worse thing that can happen is not even money related, it'll be the emotional torment you're going to have to go through trying to 'figure it out' for weeks, months?

That is absolutely NOT worth the time.

Hop on a 40 min call, we can diagnose your issue on the spot and let's start scaling.

It shouldn't take you YEARs to get you to the $xx,xxx,xx mark, really.

Solve your problems now and let's get you the results you want. Our best clients are action takers.

Click the green button below and book a call.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Jonathan & OXG Media Team

Here is an interview I did with one of our clients: $20k/pm to $200k/pm in 3 months FLAT, proceeded to do $1m in the following 8 months

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Sverre, Norway

Aether, Singapore

Russab, USA

Adam, UK

Ying Hao, Singapore

Alex, USA

Mark, Australia

Paul, Australia

Anders, Norway

I could go on, but I think you get the point and the page is going to be really long, so what I'm going to do instead is to invite you to book a call, if you're serious, care about your customers success and truly want to grow your company

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