Grow Your Business Profitably With Google Ads.

Consistent scale, ROAS and targeted traffic. No more facebook fluctuations. It’s awfully frustrating when business is inconsistent. Tap into the blue ocean of Google Ads and scale your store consistently and profitably.

business should not be hard, scale your business predictably

Your customers are already searching for your products, do you have the right strategies to bring them to your site?

Search Ads

Tried. True. Effective, steady growth. Leverage hyper targeted traffic for conversions.


Highly profitable retargeting. Convert your customers with scroll-stopping photos/video.

Shopping PLA

Bottom of funnel GOLD. If your shopping ads are not highly profitable, we’re here to help.

Campaign Strategy

Use Google’s maching learning bidding technology in conjuction with manual bidding.

Shopping Feed Management

We optimize your product listings to maximise visibility and increase conversion.

Consistent Scale

Unlike facebook, google advertising is a lot more consistent. No more ad account nightmares.

Transparent, measurable results keep us in business

We Get Actual Results For Our Clients

Client Profile: Selling Women Leggings
$8,030.78 Spent
$33,239.44 Conversion Value
4.14x ROAS

Client Profile: Furniture
£17,274.43 Spent
£139,996.76 Conversion Value
8.10x ROAS

Client Profile: Kitchen Appliances
$2,573.68 Spent
$57,697.09 Conversion Value
22.42x ROAS

Client Profile: Children’s Costume
A$2,480.99 Spent
$21,728.22 Conversion Value
8.76x ROAS

Client Profile: Sunglasses
$646.71 Spent
$6,399.69 Conversion Value
9.90x ROAS

conversion focused


We scale your ad spend only when profitable. Kill unprofitable ads and scale the profitable ones so we don’t waste your ad spend. We have a proven system. If it doesn’t work, we tweak your funnel.

We do this, because unlike other agencies, we ACTUALLY care about the results we produce. 

Data Driven Decisions

TEst, launch, scale

We use google’s 3 headed monster – search, shopping and display retargeting to squeeze profit form your advertising dollar. Manual bidding, optimise data feeds for maximum visibility of your PLAs. Scroll-stopping images, the right message, audience and campaign structure for display. 

How it works

Our Proven System To Convert Cold Traffic Into Paying Customers

① Tell Us About Your Business

Tell us information about your business. Your ideal customer persona, typical age groups, most profitable customer segment, keywords you want to bid for and most importantly, KPIs you want to hit.

② Launch

We launch your ads with small testing budgets so that we understand what keywords, PLAs work best for your business. We let data come in and analyse the data. Within 3-5 days of onboarding, your ads will be running. The faster to market, the better.

③ Optimize & Scale

We optimise your ads, kill your unprofitable ads. We take your most profitable ads, relaunch them into separate campaigns and scale your ad spend. You sit back and let sales roll in.


Fixed pricing. No suprises.

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

You may have some questions.
We answer them here.

Why do google ads?

Google Ads is a search based marketing engine is effective to bring in top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel traffic.

If your product already has demand in the marketplace or is ‘generic’ per se, meaning there are OTHER businesses that may sell something similar, google ads is a very effective way to drive sales at a very profitable clip.

The best part is — not many businesses ACTUALLY KNOW how to operate google ads effectively and at scale because it is complicated – so it is very cost effective because we can outbid your competitors easily.

Landing page change - Yes Or No?

When we start running your google ads campaign and if the campaigns do not lead to conversions – we will strongly advise you to change your landing page – so that you get a better ROI.

This is because the traffic is correct – just the page itself is not able to convert the traffic we drive into a paying customer.

If you want to change the landing page yourself – you have the option to do so.

However, around 80% of our clients actually opt to hire us to build our their landing pages that we use for google ads because we know how to make it optimized to sell.

This will be a 1-time charge and you will have the option to choose it as after purchasing your google ads package.

Clients prefer this option because we build it one time and you can use it forever – and drive other types of traffic there as well.

Why try our google ads package?

This is a productized service that we provide because if you were to assemble a full stack digital marketing team that:

  • Knows what they’re doing
  • Can already work together with a click of the button without management from you
  • Knows already how to get results
  • Has templates and proven methods to bring in the revenue you are looking for

You would need to hire a large team that would be incredibly expensive and may not even bring in tangible KPIs. If you were to do this in-house, you would need:

Google Ads (Search) Specialist $3k+ PM
Google Ads (Shopping) Specialist $3K+ PM
CMO (Marketing strategy) $6-8K PM
Copywriter $3K+ PM
Frontend Developer/Landing Page Designer $5k+ PM

Total: At least $20k+ PM

Not only that, your team needs to ALREADY need to know:

  • Copywriting
  • Conversion tracking and working with google ads algorithm
  • Have prior experience running large scale campaigns
  • Some CRO experience

Hence, it is definitely more effective to hire a team that is able to get you results, at a much more efficient cost, that delivers – with a click of a button.

What is involved in the campaign set-up?
  • Hardcore Keywords Research, Negative Keywords, Creative & Professional Text Ad Design
  • Implementing Site Links Extensions in Ad Design
  • Implementing Phone Extensions & Local Ads Extensions
  • Mobile Ads Implementation
  • Campaigns & Ad Groups Creation (Search campaign, Display & Remarketing)
  • Negative Keywords Insertion at Ad Groups & Campaign Level
  • Campaigns Optimization to get best ROI (Optimization of keywords, ads, bids)
  • Conversion (Sales) Tracking Setup & Google Analytics Setup.
  • Regular Monitoring, Tracking & Optimization.
  • Competitor Analysis, Sales / Leads Tracking & Improvements.
  • Reporting with all necessary metrics.
What do we do during the optimisation stage?

  • Improve the important Key performance metrics:
  • Conversions
  • Cost / Conv
  • Conversion Value
  • CTR (Click through rate)
  • Average Position
  • Avg cost per click
  • Daily Optimization of all campaigns, adgroups, keywords & text ad copies
  • Daily bids adjustments at following levels:
  • Campaign level
  • Adgroup level
  • Keywords level
  • Keywords filtration
  • Increase traffic on converting keywords
  • Decrease traffic on non converting keywords
  • Check posiive keywords from “Search terms” section
  • Check negative keywords from “Search terms” section
  • Text Ads Optimization
  • Replace the low CTR Ad copies, with new ones
  • Find out what words are converting in Ad copies
  • Test atleast 1 new ad copy, every week.
  • Testing of minimum 4 Ad copies, in an adgroup
  • Campaign setting optimization
  • Testing different ad scheduling
  • Testing different geographic locations
  • Testing different demographics
  • Testing different placements sites, in display network
  • Testing different Ad Delivery Type
  • Testing different Bidding strategies & CPA targeting
  • Adwords Account Level Optimization
  • Testing the ROI within campaign types: Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing, Call-only
  • Shifting of budget to high ROI areas
  • Focusing on week campaigns, either improve Or else pause them
Why do we do fixed pricing?
We have fixed pricing because we understand that sometimes, it is difficult to budget for payroll. Having a fixed pricing allows our clients to have peace of mind when calculating their P&L. 
What happens if I want to upgrade my plan?
If you want us to scale up the ad spend because we are able to achieve ROAS for you, you can just contact your account manager. 
What do I need to get onboarded?

1. First, select your plan and pay.

2. You will be guided to the onboarding process where you will give us permission to your google ads account + google merchant centre (if shopping) + google analytics account + telling us more about your business + keywords you want to bid on.

If you require us to install conversion tracking for you, expect to give us access to your shopify store account so we can install google ads conversion tracking for you.

This entire process will be guided with videos and clear instructions – so do not worry.

3. We will immediately set you up and start launching your ads within 3-5 days. The faster we can go to market, the more data we have and the faster we optimize.

Google ads takes awhile to optimise so we need to get going as soon as possible.

What customer information do I need to give?
Before running any ads, you would have to give us information about:

  • Your most profitable products/audience segments
  • Keywords you want to bid for
  • Your marketing KPIs and target ROAS
  • Your ideal customer persona and age groups
What happens if my ROAS is not ideal?
If we are unable to hit our marketing KPIs, its usually because of a few factors:

  • The product/landing pages are not converting, mobile optimized
  • The page speed is slow
  • There is a problem with the checkout

If any of these issues arise, we will notify you during the testing stage (early stages of the campaign) so that you can make changes.

If you would like us to help you build out your product/landing page, do let us know.

If not, we will just give you recommendations to change.

More importantly,  we will always have your best interests at heart. So if we see any red flags in your sales funnel, we will notify you ASAP.

In the case that you are unhappy about the results that we produce for you – please bring them up to your account manager and we will sort this out.

Getting you results is our number 1 priority.

Is there a contract?
There are no contracts, you can cancel your subscription anytime. This holds us accountable of the results we produce for you, as well as allows you to reduce the heavy mental burden of ‘fixed costs’ on your balance sheet. 

Because marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any business, we hope to be working with you for a long time to grow your company. 

This is our pledge to you: we ONLY CARE about delivering results so you can grow your business. We understand this – because thats the only thing that keeps us in business. 

What if i want to do facebook advertising?
If you want to do facebook advertising, please raise this up to your account manager.

We provide facebook advertising but only to a select number of clients whom we deem fit.

Facebook advertising is only suitable for certain types of businesses and we will assess on a case-by-case basis.

Is ad spend included in the price above?

No, ad spend is separate from the fee above. The price above is the management fee.

If you see results are that good and want to scale up your ad spend anytime to bring in more sales, you can just inform your account manager.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Grow your business consistently and predictably.

Business should not be hard. All you need is just a proven system to turn cold traffic into paying customers. Allow us to help you grow your business.
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