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Clients We've Worked With

We Eliminate The Risk For Our Clients & GUARANTEE Results


CASE STUDY 1 KITCHEN BRAND: Helped Alex Scale From $2k/day To $40k/day In 57 Days, From unprofitable to $1m/pm in 14 months flat

Backstory On Client:
Alexander is an ecommerce entrepeneur from USA who was already in business for 10 months prior to us meeting. He launched his product on kickstarter quite successfully raising about $500k in the process and launched to great fanfare. However, despite 10 months in they could not sell any product to people โ€˜outside the hype kickstarter communityโ€™ and sales just plummeted to doing $5k/pm but unprofitable.

We helped him with creating viral video ads that we ran through FB/IG, managed all of the creative production and media buying, scaled him to $100k/pm the 1st 30 days of working with him, then scaled to the $1m/pm mark in the following 14 months.

CASE STUDY 2 BEAUTY BRAND: Helped Allan $1m in 5 months FLAT, doing $500k/pm and $50k/days

Backstory On Client:
Allan runs a beauty brand selling in the USA. Despite being very experienced in the beauty niche, he struggled to get his advertising and open up to acquire new customers profitably. We helped him position and test multiple new angles with highly converting video UGC based ads that allowed him to scale to $5m/year. We also helped him to build out and acquire customers for his beauty subscription line which allowed him to create recurring revenue which provided a very stable revenue stream.

CASE STUDY 3 CLOTHING BRAND: Helping Ryan Go From Offline To Transition To The Online Space And Doing $1m In 11 Months At 15x ROAS In The Process

Backstory On Client:
Ryan runs a clothing business which he was selling only offline. He needed to transition and acquire customers online. We ran google ads as a baseline and layered on Facebook as the additional traffic channel to tap onto the B2B space. Ryan is on pace to do $2.5m/year in his 2nd year of business.

CASE STUDY 4 PET STORE: Helped Emma Go From Standstill To $100k In 16 days

Backstory On Client:
Emma runs a pet store selling pet supplies and products in Australia/USA. She was previously struggling to get consistent conversions come in through her store even though she was making sales consistently and spending money on ads. When we came in, we helped her hyper scale aggressively with a conversion process that outputs 4x for every dollar put into advertising. In the video above, we scaled too fast, causing her supply chain to break... On the bright side, the results we are getting are only on the frontend. There was no email marketing done at this point. This year, we are on pace to do $4m for Emma and her team.

CASE STUDY 5 Pain Relief Brand: Helped Paul & Will Go From $20k/pm to $200k/pm in 3 months FLAT, then $1m in the following 8 months

Backstory On Client:
When we 1st met Paul, he was doing 20k/pm on his dropshipping store. After advising him, he transitioned to a branded eCommerce store. After implementing our processes with best practice 8 figure landing pages, copy, his conversion rates significantly increased across the board allowing him to spend more aggressively on the frontend. Paul scaled very agressively doing $1m in the following 8 months and consistently averages $200k+ per month now.

CASE STUDY 6: Helped Jarrick Go From Standstill to $100k/pm in 30 days

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Our Customers

Let Us Help You Scale To 8 Figures

Who Is This For?

- eCom Founders who cannot break past a certain inflection

- Founders who aren't experiencing healthy month over month growth

- Founders who are tired of working w agencies who don't deliver

- Founders who truly care about their customer success and have great products that deliver impact.

- Founders looking to aggressively scale and dominate their industry.

What We Do

Google Ads

We run a combination of search, shopping and display to snipe the most profitable keywords. Google ads will always form the base layer of advertising for our clients because it is the most stable, demand driven form of paid advertising.

Video Creatives Production & Copywriting

The reason why you see most of our case studies all have a skyrocket type of growth curve is because of the viral video ads that we create for our ads. Acquisition is extremely expensive and our secret sauce allows us to help clients scale super aggressively.

Facebook/Tiktok Ads OR Interruption Platform

If your product has a strong USP that can be shown on video, we do recommend you to use interruption form of marketing for your ads. This is NOT suitable for all types of clients.

Do these things sound familiar?

1. You want to scale but need a partner in crime who can help you take you to the moon.

2. You can't keep up with the ads, may have difficulties with scaling, you just want to focus on other parts of the business.

3. You need to attend to the customer so that they get the best experience with you brand and repeat purchases come in.

4. You've tried scaling but everything just comes crumbling down and you're not able to scale profitably.

5. Your internal marketing team/advertising guru is not getting results and you want someone who has actually done this many many times to come in and take over. You're sick of people who just talk and want to level up now.

The worse thing is actually these issues you're facing aren't even money related, these issues are actually:

1. Preventing you from actually having a life and having sleepless nights worried about your business

2. Have more free time to yourself

3. Preventing you from actually working on what you ACTUALLY love to do in your business

Money can't solve everything, but sales and liquidity sure can resolve financial distress and give you peace of mind.

Imagine if you just had the blueprint to scale your business at will and predictability...

And that you had a team that was a partner in crime, a team you could rely on, pushing for you everyday to get the results you know you deserve.

A team that you can rely on so you can actually do what you enjoy in your business. Be it designing products, talking to your customers and more.

We Can Help You Do This For Your Business Only If You Meet The Criteria Below

We only help 3 types of people:
1. eCommerce Brands selling physical product

2. People selling online courses/info products/coaching

3. High ticket lead generation - Call Funnels

1. You're already in revenue, with a proven offer that already converts
 You've already got a product/service, that is selling some units with existing customers, with customer testimonials and happy customers and you've already running ads and just want to scale up and really make the type of money you know you deserve. 

eCom: > $30k/pm
Info/Coaching: >$20k/pm

2. Your AOV checks off

If you are selling physical physical products, AOV must be >$90 minimum, COGS ideally <33%. If you are selling digital products or coaching or services, AOV > $1000. If your AOV doesn't hit this, we can help fix this.

3. Your product needs to have search volume (For eCom only)
If you are selling a physical product, your products needs to have search volume for us to run google ads.

4. You have logistics that can support scale & actually care for your customers
You want to scale fast and scale hard, do big numbers, impact the lives of your customers and able to think in long term time horizons. You have the AMBITION and capacity to reach 200k++/month (if you're still below this mark) within 4-5 months and to hit 7 figure months within 1-1.5 year.

You want to partner with someone who legitimately cares about you and your company, so you can actually focus on providing more value and satisfaction to your customers.

Your shipping times are fast, within days. If you are dropshipping with 3-4 weeks timeframe, please do not apply. Good and real customer reviews with potential for high returning customer rates.

5. Your product is easy to explain visually on video with clear USPs (if physical product)
For us to help you do the explosive growth you're really looking for, your products needs to be able to be shown on video and the USPs must be able to be shown visually. Ideally you also have multiple branded products. Please see here for examples of the types of video creatives that we would need.


Let Us Help You Scale To 8 Figures

If you fulfill the criteria + are interested please book a call below, we very much like to talk to motivated, like minded entrepreneurs who want to do big things to help do this for you, book a call, work with us and change the trajectory of your business forever

I would like to now invite you to book a call.

Click the button below and it will be redirected to a form and you can pick a time on the calendar so we can get the chance to personally diagnose your situation.

What you've got to gain:
Absolute clarity on your situation, on how to scale and infinite upside on how we can help you get to the moon. If you have any burning questions, feel free to ask as well.

We'll tell you exactly what to fix, and yes if we think we can help you, we want you to become a client.

What you've got to lose:
Lots of wasted time trying to find a partner, who...

1. Doesn't have the results, the experience
2. Probably doesn't care too much about your success.

Or if you try to scale yourself, you may even waste lots of money in the process. The worse thing that can happen is not even money related, it'll be the emotional torment you're going to have to go through trying to 'figure it out' for weeks, months?

That is absolutely NOT worth the time.

Hop on a 40 min call, we can diagnose your issue on the spot and let's start scaling.

It shouldn't take you YEARs to get you to the $xx,xxx,xx mark, really.

Solve your problems now and let's get you the results you want. Our best clients are action takers.

Click the green button below and book a call.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Jonathan & OXG Media Team

Here's Actual Proof That We've Spent Tons Of Money On Digital Advertising

We've Worked With Tons Of People Around The World And Here's The Proof We've Worked With Countless Founders Like You Scale

I could go on, but I think you get the point and the page is going to be really long, so what I'm going to do instead is to invite you to book a call, if you're serious, care about your customers success and truly want to grow your company

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