How to make $1,2,3,4000+/pm as a commission based salesperson for OXG Media - Sales Rep Application
1. Watch the Video in FULL (if you come on the call and didn't watch the video we will hang up)
2. Click the button below to book a call and apply for our position if interested

Please book a call only if you fit these criteria:
- People who want to expand your income and not have a fixed salary, with sky is the limit
- Highly motivated people who don’t need a lot of supervision, self learners, pro-active
- Able to talk to prospect and leads over the phone
- Your English is GOOD, speak fluently, have a microphone, laptop at home
- don’t need American accent but definitely good English accent
- Presentable, professional can carry yourself
- If you are disciplined, you can work from home remotely on your own time schedule, can get shit done, if you’re competitive

- Can work during PST/EST American times (only taking calls, not cold calling, warm leads)

If you have experience in B2B sales, it’s a plus because you understand some fundamentals already(not a must), but we will provide sales training to you

- If you have some knowledge/background in digital marketing, that’d would be great (definitely a +),

Here Is How You Will Progress As A Sales Rep

We Increase your email revenue. Increase company revenue without having to spend more ads so you're more profitable overall.

And if we don't you don't pay.

Sound good?