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KLAVIYO: #1 Email Marketing Tool For Ecommerce

Klaviyo is an email marketing tool designed for e-commerce and their flows, list segmentation, ease of use just make it our preferred email provider. Email will always be your most profitable marketing channel and Klaviyo is must if you are running ecommerce. We use it on all our clients.

OXG Media is an official Klaviyo partner – so once you onboard, ask Katie or Nick our klaviyo rep and they will get you sorted!

Click here to try Klaviyo for FREE.

MagmaCharts: Profit/Loss, LTV & ROAS Tracking For Shopify

This is an app that we built ourselves to solve our own problems in media buying and running high spend for big time ecommerce brands. It tracks your daily profit, loss, LTV, syncs in with FB custom audiences with your most profitable customers. More importantly, it solves the pain point of ad account attribution so you can track your ROAS daily, monthly over date ranges so you can scale with confidence. 

Click here to try MagmaCharts for 7 days free.

ActiveCampaign: #1 Email Marketing Tool For Lead Based Businesses

ActiveCampaign is the go-to email marketing software if you are a coach, consultant, selling an online course or service based business. 

We personally also use ActiveCampaign for this site as well as it provides extremely powerful site tracking automation features no other ESP provides as well. 

Your email list is your entire business. 

Click here to try ActiveCampaign for 14 days FREE.

Retargeting w Connect.io

Wilco’s Retargeting product here shows you the power of retargeting in conjunction with ConnectRetarget, gives facebook advertisers almost super powers to easily create audiences that are relevant to your products. See MASSIVE ROAS when you do retargeting correctly!

Click here to get Retargeting Machine.

Reconvert: #1 Upsell Post Purchase App

Increase AOV of your total purchase price. Reconvert is serious plug and play and will add additional 5-7% of free money to your store’s overall revenue.

Click here to try Reconvert for free on your store.

Shopify: #1 Ecommerce Store Platform

We are official Shopify partners and specialise in helping e-commerce brands on Shopify scale up. Especially if you’re just a beginner, Shopify’s ease of use and beginner friendly methods make it anyone to start a store in 90 minutes, start running traffic and making money.

Click here to try Shopify FREE for 14-days.

LOOX: #1 Ecommerce Reviews For Shopify

This is a 30-day free trial that we have negotiated with LOOX when you register below.Normally, its 14 days. This app is an absolute conversion beast and it will improve your conversion rate by a 10-25% almost immediately when you use it right.

Click here to try Loox FREE for 30-day exclusive.

PushOwl: #1 Push Notification Plugin For Shopify

Another way to build your ‘list’, pushowl is the best push notification software on the market. You can build your list and blast messages to your target audience. Not only that, there is no ‘open rate’. Its a 100% seen rate and it gets easy sales. We’ve seen great success with Pushowl.

Apply ‘OXGTRIAL30′ and you will receive a 30 day FREE trial.

FREE Email Marketing Course On Udemy

If you are transacting any business online, you NEED to be doing email marketing or you are going to get stopped out of the market. Usually the retail price of the course is $19.99, if you want to gain access to the course for FREE, email jonathan@oxg-media.com and title your email ‘Request for Udemy Email Course’ and we will send you a 100% coupon code.


Siteground: Reliable Hosting For Your Website

Host your website with the most reliable and affordable hosting provider in the market with tremendous uptime and little latency.

Get your siteground package here.

Earnings Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links on our site have affiliate links to them. We personally use all the apps that we promote and the reason why we promote them is because we have seen success with them in the past and think that we can help you. We will never promote anything that we have not personally used ourselves.