Top 5 Email Marketing Agencies For eCommerce Success

Why is email marketing important for an eCommerce brand?

An email is a marketing tool which allows an eCommerce brand to reach out to its customers, provide them with updates on new products/brands/offers etc. It increases the overall sales of any given brand, improves retention and net margins.

What Software Do Agencies Normally Use — Klaviyo Software

Klaviyo offers you the banking-grade technology necessary to engage with your customers across all sales channels, including email, social, web and mobile without any of the integration headaches that come along with some other marketing platforms. You can easily sync your Klaviyo account with Shopify, Bigcommerce , Amazon , Magento, WooCommerce , Etsy etc., using Klaviyo’s API’s/eCommerce plugins/Email Builder Apps.

It also reduces the load on a CRM as a single customer profile is maintained for a contact no matter how many eCommerce stores they’ve shopped from. This allows you to send highly personalized emails based on each individual customer’s purchase history and product interests. The software provides you with the tools to quickly and easily export your customer list based on a desired criteria, including but not limited to demographics, life events, purchase history etc. This allows you to send out targeted emails whenever necessary.

It also helps you analyze marketing campaigns at every step of the process – from acquisition to sub-campaigns and revenue is trackable.

Top Email Marketing Agencies

Boundless Labs

Chase Hunter Dimond runs boundless labs and is a eCommerce veteran in email marketing. He has been able to grow his company helping D2C eCommerce brands in the hemp and beauty space. Chase is also a ecommerce guru or influencer, boasting and impressive 17k+ followers on twitter and large email list.

Budai Media

Daniel budai is a hungrarian ecommerce agency owner. He has helped multiple ecommerce brands with their retention marketing efforts. In addition, Budai media also serves ecommere brands with their conversion rate optimization efforts.

Chronos Agency

Chronos agency is run by Joshua Chin and Louis teo, an ecommerce team who has an offshore team of 80 people helping with email marketing. Joshua got his start out of his university dorm room, to helping eCommerce brands to even speaking on stages at AW affiliate world conference.

Hawke Media

Hawke media is a full service ecommerce agency that helps clients with paid acquisition to email marketing to web design, the full spectrum and such. They serve clients from predominantly the US and have been able to grow to a large headcount in a very short span of 3 years. Hawke media generally serves the 8 and 9 figure brands and may be out of budget for some.

OXG Media

OXG Media is an eCommerce focused email marketing agency. Consisting of teams of expert copywriters, email marketers and designers, OXG Media serves 7 and 8 figure brands. They also operate on a performance model, and if they don’t deliver on results, clients do not pay. OXG Media serves clients in different verticals such as kitchen, wholesale, industrials, beauty, skincare and others.

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