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Did you know it is cheaper to advertise video content than photos in todays age? We know cause we have tried and split tested it over and over again for ourselves. The data speaks for itself. We consistently save up to 4 X more on your advertising budget when we do video content. Check out an example of one of our A/B split tests.

Video marketing split test

I’m sure you also know that video converts much better than photo ads.

Many businesses are going to wither this year because they have chosen not to invest into video marketing.

Our team is experienced in video production and we will only create content that is meant to convert. We only create content that is meant to entertain, inform or educate your potential customers.

Check Out These 2 Videos That We Shot For A Few Of Our Clients:

Video content for entertainment and for generating conversions is entirely different. A lot of production houses doing video production also do not understand this. You can create amazing, breathtaking cinematography and incredible bokeh shots.

But what good is a piece of content if it does not drive the customer to a purchase?

We storyboard, script, shoot, edit, distribute and market your content.

Afterwards, we put it out there and let the market decide. Never assume what the market wants, always let data decide your decisions.

When you combine high quality, engaging, branded content with paid amplification you only can expect phenomenal results.

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